Cypher–A Ghost story by author S.G.Rogers

This is an old post. The book referred to has gone through changes since 2012. Suzanne has updated it and re-released it as Whimsical Tendencies.

*Night Mistress listens at door* Good it seems like that mob has settled down.Maybe my ghost soldiers helped.

Hmm? Oh, yes, around here, we like ghosts. We often wonder what the fuss is about ghosts. *Mistress eyes ceiling* See that shade up there near the rafter? We get them almost every day. Why you humans hem and hah about them is beyond me. I mean, they’re just looking for a home. Mind you, I can’t let them all into my home, so my dear guests, feel free to adopt one or two to take home with you. Please? I swear they’re all nice fellas.

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