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Freaky Friday–M.R. James

Doing something slightly different today in that I thought I’d introduce one of my favorites: Author M.R. James. I first read his Casting the Runes in college and never forgot its creepy vibe. From Wikipedia: M. R. James, was an


It’s that month again. Time for some #gratitude. Needing coffee, but I wanted to say thanks! To all my readers: you guys (and gals) rock! Good news coming…wait for it… *hugs* In the meantime, we had winners for the Halloween

The Ghostly Guardians of Korner’s Folly

I ran across an interesting article Kala Ambrose wrote  for FATEMAG.COM . The thing that drew my attention was her mention of the famous Winchester House. There’s a house that holds some things that make one go “hmm…“, don’t you

The only political thing…

….possibly that I’ll do for–well, the next four years. Today is election day! Have you voted yet? No. Well, get out tomorrow then, and vote! Democrat? Republican? Doesn’t matter to me. I just want you to make your voices heard

Animal Bones as Grave Goods in Iberian Burials

I thought this was neat, history geek that I am. Enjoy! #amwriting

Once Upon A Time

What do you think of Once Upon a Time? What do you think of the new season so far? I spent the last couple weeks, prior to the debut rewatching the season with Mom (DVRs rock) I have a few

Author quotes

This is funny, I was just re-reading Dashiell Hammet’s The Maltese Falcon (It all goes back to Humphrey Bogart) and what do I run across on a fellow author’s, Suzanne Purvis’ blog? “…What disturbed him was the discovery that in

RWA shouldn’t be in the business of ….

This is old news too… OKay, I don’t speak up a lot about the RWA’s decisions, nor do I write m/m (though I know many that do and I never say never,) … but… dude. Go read what Avery Flynn