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For My UK readers #sale delay

Y’all, I’m so sorry. I forgot to set the UK promotion. *headdesk* So my friends over there, your sale starts Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 3:00 AM GMT and will end April 12, 2018 at 3:00 AM (GMT) That’s actually, okay,

A lucky guy and a poor girl… #8sunday #Medievalromance Weekend Writing Warriors #SundaySnippet

I hope you all had a lovely week–and a fine Imbolc, if you celebrate it (off to see the Groundhog? ;). I’ve been doing more catching up but I think all’s settling back into order. That being the case, I

What lurks on that horizon?–Druid Warrior Prince snippet #2—Weekend Writing Warriors

  I thought I’d continue on from where the snippet of my new historical fantasy romance, Druid Warrior Prince, left off in the last post left off. This is the next six lines: (Gwenevieve) set her jaw as she studied

New release in Celtic Stewards Chronicles #historicalfantasy #romance

So, as you might’ve noticed from my previous post, I do have a new book available! Yes. It’s true. The next in the Celtic Stewards Chronicles has been unleashed–er, released upon the world! 🙂 What’s this one about? Well, in

New covers for the Celtic Stewards Chronicles series!

Because I thought it was time to give it a fresh look. Something a tad big more  “fantasy”and fitting this fantasy/historical fantasy/historical fantasy romance blended series than men with swords–but Suzanne still got the swords in there. 🙂 Druid Warrior’s

Sigils–#30daysmagicalroots: Day 26: Sigils @Plentiful_earth #Blogs #BloggersBlast

Whoa! Now I’m really behind. Okay the prompt for the #30daysmagicalroots challenge day 26 was: Craft a sigil that represents the path you are on or the path you want to follow. This is a deeply personal creation so put


 The following titles are on sale at Amazon for Christmas gifting! Specifically, the paperbacks. 🙂 I hope you find something your recipients will enjoy!(Subscribers, I’m putting this post here to pin).    ****   Murder Upon a Midnight Clear, on sale in

‘Roman’ roads were actually built by the Celts, new book claims – Telegraph

‘Roman’ roads were actually built by the Celts, new book claims – Telegraph. I found this article online some time ago and you know? I almost feel like saying “Well, d’uh.” I mean, it’s not surprising. Really. I’m waiting for

Weekend news and reviews

Wow, is it Saturday already? This week has flown by and I’ve spent it…writing. (What else, oh. Well, letting my back rest [ouch!] and knitting, but that’s a different post). I’ve  already got my first 10,000 words in for the

Just one more thing….

I wanted to also let you know that I’m going to be on Linda Mooney’s Other Worlds of Romance blogtalk radio show tonight (November 30, 2015) at 11:00 pm (EST). I’ll be discussing my latest release in the Celtic Stewards