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Speaking of Youtube (which I brought up here this weekend), with the weather getting… (nigh unbearable) warmer again, I might make a few more vlogs this year. That was on my Bloggiesta list, too but I didn’t get a chance to fit them in. We’ll see how that goes. The Pagan Youtube Challenge is on again but it’s focused on a topic that, well, I already covered so I bowed out. I thought about the new challenge, but, nah.  (First of all, I can’t even find the damned thing, right now, to link it up for you, so that seems a sign from Themselves, as ever, to stay out of it.

But, I’ve been watching quite a few channels lately, I find myself pulled toward the pagan/tarot ones, more than anything. I particularly enjoy Tarot by Arwen. Arwen’s videos are always fun. I enjoyed her interview with Joey Morris of Starry Eyed Pagan.

And of course, on Youtube and instagram, I’ve been watching out for Ethony’s Spreads. She’s got a new one up, her, new moon in Aries spread. (Although, I hate to do it, but a quick search of google tells me to correct one of her opening lines. Ares and Aries aren’t related at all, so says this article in . I knew that didn’t sound right. (Sorry, Ethony. *cringe*)

Then there’s my new latest stalk (er, subscription): New Aged Hipster. And, as I mentioned above, Starry Eyed Pagan also, Itty Bitty Celtic Witch, and obviously, The Sea Priestess. I like her monthly tarot blogs too. (ah, there’s the challenge!) For Non pagan stuff, Orna Ross. Some of her videos are informative and…well, I just enjoy most of what I’ve watched. I really love Ted Forbes’ The Art of Photography. (yes, his Nobody cares About Your Photography video went viral, no it’s not about what you think it’s about. He titled poorly. Words mean things. The Work that Matters and Creative Doubt videos are  even better). But his videos are fantastic.So inspiring!

Okay, back onto the subject. I may (or may not) make a few more videos this year. We will just have to see. As ever, writing comes first. I’ve got a couple writing related biz things to tackle this week, for HOUSE OF DARK ENVY so for now, I’ll let you out of here. 🙂 (Maybe I should put them down for CampNanowrimo–which I probably won’t be participating in this April, but still). That’s what’s on my Youtube and “thinking about doing” list, this week.

How about y’all? Got any favorite Youtube channels? Have a good week, everyone!


Juli D. Revezzo is the author of the MOURNING DOVE LOCKET, the latest in the Antique Magic paranormal series, also the Celtic Stewards Chronicles fantasy romance series, as well as the Victorian Romance HOUSE OF DARK ENVY, among others. Her books are available at Amazon and elsewhere.