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Day 25: Esbats

Create a ritual to honor the moon every month. Do you only celebrate the full moon? Try honoring the dark moon this month and see how it changes your practice.

I have honored the moon phases for a long time. Maybe not every phase, maybe not every month, but there have been times.

More often than not, and this would be one of the more traditionally Wiccan things I do,  I’ll try to check the phase, in order to phrase my wishes (waning moon to banish..bad habits or whatever, waxing more to bring in …whatever the wish is). The waxing to full moons are the best times to pull in the energies of creation and inspiration these, in my opinion. I’ve used it lately in terms of learning new tarot spreads. 

 I’ve been trying to add more new moon work lately even if it’s only to read tarot regarding some shadow work. Ethony has quite a few tarot spreads I’ve saved to try. I must say working at the new moon throws me a little off balance. I find it’s a little more laid back than a full moon. So will I make this a constant in my practice? I’m not so sure.As ever, we’ll see. I think I work them more into my stories than anything, lazy? Maybe but it’s always good to try something new, right?

Sometimes I’ll just do something like go outside and take a peek at it, if nothing else, throw a kiss to it. (I know some who like to howl at the full moon, even. :))

A formal ritual for it? *thinks* When I first started, yes, I would be more formal about it? How? Cast a circle, anyway you like, invite the attendance of your gods, and if you wish, concentrate on some good habit you’d like to cultivate this month. You can pour a libation of thanks to your gods, if you like, or bring out some crystals to charge with full moon’s powers, should you feel like it. Or any other magical tools or jewelry you might wish.  Or just settle down for simple meditation, if you wish. After you’re finished, release the circle and thank your gods. That would be the usual format of a full moon ritual.

Not that I always go to all that trouble, but if I’m feeling traditional, I might. Certainly, Caitlin and Beryl and their Starfort coven would do so!

What do you do for the full moon?

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Photo: Moonlight Landscape by Petr Kratochvil /Public Domain

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