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What are your intentions?

(That sounds so old fashioned, doesn’t it? “What are your intentions to her, my boy?”

“Well, you see, sir, I didn’t mean to lift her skirt…” ;))


Day 4: Intentions

Set your intention for this challenge. What do you hope to get out of it? Our intentions are so important when it comes to magic. You must have a clear vision in order to proceed with the action. (Make one or two concrete goals: for example, “I’d like to create a simple daily magical routine for myself” or “I’d like to try three new magical techniques before the end of the month.”) To expound on this a little. Do you have to have a clear vision? 
Er, intention? yes Clear intention? Ha! No. Not exactly.
As in writing, I’m a pantser. My intention is to learn more about a certain someone. (if you’ve read my last couple blogs you know Who’s been poking Herself into my brain, lately). So I want to try to learn more about her this month. Insofar as I can. I mean, there’s the “we can generally spout her attributes thanks to pop culture” version of Her and there’s the … version of Her I’ve found outside pop culture. All that requires (yes) more research). Which, as usual, isn’t too different than what I do on a normal basis. It’s research, but the subject has changed. 
2) Intention #2 is a little more concrete. I’d like to figure out what our devotional workings are going to look like. Unfortunately, I have to point you back to intention #1 here, and also, move you away from that. Because in what little I’ve been able to find on Her lately, the original devotionals to Her involved things that are (happily) out of vogue. And anyway, who wants to try to round up a bull just to sacrifice it? Nonono! The other things to Her also aren’t readily to my hand.

Maybe a story a day, like my friend CP Bialois does? *shakes head* I don’t think I can pull that off, not with things like, beta readings and editing to add into the mix. (Props, to you, my friend! I don’t know how you manage it!)

Why is this an intention? The Vinalia Rustica is on the… 19th. Herm.  had wanted to have something figured out by then. We’ll see.

If you’ve followed my blogging exploits on the subject of pagan this and that for any length of time, you know what’s been knocked out of my workings cabinets, and that I’m all about ready-to-hand, as much as possible. So, as ever, finding a path through, and around, the lore and generally accepted wisdom about Her is part of the month’s intention.

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