I’ve not gone missing…I’m thawing…or freezing depending on the day. 😉 And Christmas, well, had to go see the family…it’s a bit of a downer since we’ve lost some members recently but we do love to get together. While trying not to think too much on the downer stuff,  I’ve been enjoying the Venture Brothers. I don’t know if any of you have seen that but it is hilarious!

The bizarre animated escapades of pseudo-heroic scientist Dr. Rusty Venture, his competent, high strung bodyguard, and his two over-enthusiastic sons.



Solstice was fun, if cold. I got a new drum. Ya!!! Isn’t it pretty?S/W Ver: 97.04.30RI’ve never been a drummer before, but I do love the monthly drumming circles.

For Christmas I was working very diligently on something writing-like–and except for the cookies I made didn’t get it done on time. Hope to have it done  to release soon. It’s formatting currently.

In the meantime, did you see I was interviewed in Eternal Haunted Summer this week? It’s up here if you’d like to see. I also have a new story there as well as do some other very talented authors and poets. Do check the new issue out if you have a chance. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Winter and Promo

Wow! I just stepped outside and it’s warmish today. Winter in Florida, eh? Don’t worry. We shall be paying for it come January! *laughs*

If you’re out and about the web today and tomorrow, I’ve got a few interviews you might find interesting:  I’m featured over at the author Babette James’ today,with an interview: and tomorrow, I’ll be interviewed at Eternal Haunted Summer, so I hear tell. 😉 (I’m excited about that one!)

I hope someone here will find them interesting!
Oh and that book link/cover to the left there? No, that’s  not mine. That’s by a new friend of mine, Mona Risk. *waves to Mona* It’s a holiday tale set in Florida and up now at Amazon, if you’d like to give it a peek. Enjoy and have a great day!

IWU Holiday Hop day Three

Just wanted to remind y’all I am giving away a copy of my book to one lucky winner (ebook only). The giveaway ends December 14th so do leave me a comment, and subscribe to my blog or newsletter, so you can get your name in the pot. 🙂

The Artist’s Inheritance
The Artist's InheritanceTrouble only a witch can solve…

The balance between good and evil can be an art… or a curse.

Trevor and Caitlin were once happy newlyweds, profiting from Trevor’s art. Until Trevor inherits his brother’s house, and with it, his part of a family curse. Now, Caitlin will stop at nothing to save her beloved husband from insanity and suicide, even if it means she must embrace her destiny and become a witch.

The novel takes place in Gulf Breeze, Florida just outside Fort Pickens, and involves a wood carver–Trevor–and his wife, Caitlin, who’s worried her hubby is slowly going insane–just like his twin brother did before he committed suicide. So, when anything comes up concerning this chair Trevor’s working on, Caitlin’s ears perk up. Read on and you’ll see…

“How much will you take for these fine drawings?”
The male voice drew her attention away from Trevor’s work. A short man with black hair and a lazy eye, dressed in a pinstripe suit and straw hat, crossed the [Wilkins and Brandt] gallery to pause at Trevor’s side. “They’re your work, are they not? Are they available?”

“Yes, they’re mine,” Trevor said. “They’re not for sale. Sorry.”

Caitlin eyed the older man. Who’s this fella?

“Don’t be absurd, Trevor.” [His employer/mentor] Abby Wilkins, jumped in before Caitlin could ask.

Caitlin took in his fine coat, the diamond gleaming from his ring finger. More than likely, the man could pay a fortune for the pictures. Perhaps even the chair they had stashed in the attic. Maybe they’d be rid of the stupid thing yet.

“For you, Mr. Hofter? Of course they are.”

“No, I’m sorry,” Trevor said. “They’re not for sale.”

Abby choked and pulled Trevor aside. “Are you mad, darling? Do you know who he is?”

Caitlin peered over Abby’s shoulder, seeing the man in question studying a Jeffersonian era desk. Trevor grimaced. “I can’t say I do.”

“That’s Marvin Hofter,” Mrs. Wilkins said conspiratorially.

“Who’s Marvin Hofter?” Caitlin asked.

Abby spluttered and tugged at the collar of her linen blouse. “How can you not know him?”

The name meant nothing; Caitlin could only give her a blank look. “I don’t.”

“My dear, he’s only the editor in chief of Antiques Daily.”

Now Caitlin understood why Trevor’s mentor was making such a huge deal.

Trevor touched one of the sketches, almost, Caitlin thought, as if he would protect them. “I’m sorry, no. The pictures aren’t for sale.”

Hofter pursed his lips and retrieved a card case from the pocket of his silk coat. He pulled forth an embossed business card and handed it to him. “If you change your mind, don’t hesitate to call me.” The man tipped his hat and walked away.

Caitlin kept her gaze on him. Something about him made her want to grab Trevor and move as far away as possible. Like to Siberia.

If, alternately you’d like to check it out for yourself it’s available at Amazon currently for $.99. Or in paperback (perfect for gift giving),

Sample Sunday November 4

The Artist’s Inheritance is available at Amazon for Kindle and Paperback, (or Createspace) and at Smashwords for other e-formats.

Now, the sample:

Caitlin walked into the Bean on Tyme Café and found Beryl working behind the counter. Her friend left her station, and hugged her in greeting. “Wait! I have just the thing for you.”

She slipped back to the coffee machines and poured a steaming cup of something; she also opened the goodies cabinet and pulled forth a slice of rich carrot cake. She carried it to a nearby table and Caitlin followed. “Not your traditional lunch, but I hope it will suffice.”

“It’s perfect,” Caitlin said, sampling the sweet carrot cake.

“Good. I won’t lie and say it’s my recipe, but I’ll take whatever credit you wish to give.”

Caitlin giggled and sampled the tea. The strong scent of cinnamon and apple filled her nose.

“Now,” Beryl said. “Stop beating around the mulberry bush. Tell me what’s happened.”

“Nothing’s happened.” She set the delicate teacup aside gingerly. “Trevor is spending all his time with his store—when he’s not hard at work in the attic.”

“I see.” Beryl laced her fingers together and rested her chin on them. “Any more new chairs?”

Caitlin spun the spoon inside her cup. “Half dozen.”

“Oh, dear.”

She sipped again and collapsed against the seat, weariness stealing over her. “I guess it’s not so bad. He could have three dozen more. I guess the store gives him more to obsess over. What about this woman you mentioned?”

Beryl looked around the café, and lowered her voice. “It’s a ghost, or in your family’s case, it could be a banshee.”

Gwrach y rhibyn.” The thought of the ghostly woman in question made Caitlin shudder.

Beryl nodded. “By whatever name, they’re never good.”

Caitlin remained silent, waiting for her friend to fill in the blank she already guessed at.

“Her appearance to someone usually means a death’s about to occur. Let me venture a guess: your family has a strange history.”

Caitlin’s hand shook. She stabbed a bit too hard at her slice of cake. “You have no idea. Trevor . . . He’s going to die, isn’t he?”

“Oh, sweetie, no.” Beryl laid a hand over hers. “Not if I can help it. What about your friend and mine, Mr. Hofter?”

* * *

Juli D. Revezzo is a writer of paranormal fantasy who always finds a way to add a splash of magic into her work. Ghosts and gods drive a certain witch up the wall in her Antique Magic series. Book one, THE ARTIST’S INHERITANCE, is available at Amazon, Createspace, and Smashwords.

Witchy eBooks

Witchy eBooks.

The Artist's InheritanceMy novel’s featured here, along with some wonderful novels featuring witches. There’s also a facebook page for our group. So go peek through at all the fine works.

There are some giveaways too. So stop by and enjoy.

My guest post at Star Crossed Romance

Also, while Lynda K. Scott’s taking over my blog, I’m visiting at hers. 🙂 I ask there, what do you really know about your SO? Is it enough to save his life? You can see how I answer it here. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it. Have a good  one!