For Jaci, and other budding synopsis writers. :)

Hey, you were asking about writing Query letters, the other day? Pub Rants has a great example here, as does Fantasy author  Lisa Shearin, here; also check out RomCom/Momlit/Mystery author Kathy Carmichael’s examples. Even if the sample queries are not in the genre you write, believe me, I hear every little bit helps.

A Writing Opportunity

This one is for the Romance writers. In popping around the web, I learned that the fine small press publisher, Samhain Publishing LTD, is gearing up for yet another novella anthology. This one is called Red Hot Winter and subs are open until June, 2010. Full details here:

So, campers, 😉 get those pens a scribbling and good writing, everyone!

New Brenda Strange alert

Just putting a quick one up, poor Patty’s been waiting for this all day, before I run off to errands. I hope to have a review copy of this one soon.

Have a great Saturday and I hope you find this one useful!

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