Nanowrimo week one ends

Cheating a little with another multiple day update. Nanowrimo’s days 5, 6, 7 and 8 went great so I haven’t had a chance to update (or do much of anything else like practice flute for my course with The Flute Practice–and yes I do fully admit I took time off for a few youtube chats this week) and listening to too many results rather than, you know, the writing Jethro Tull/Shovels and Rope/Jason Isbell/Amanda Shires/classical flutes Playlist.

Juli's work desk, photo by Juli D. Revezzo

But my word count as of last night exceeds 15k. I might’ve hit 16k but I had to help my husband with conquering our drain problems.

Yes, let’s blame the drains! 🙂

I might take it slower today–or I might not (I’ve already added 400 words to the manuscript today!). We’ll see how my hands feel with morning words. 2,000 a day may be my upper limit, this week. Don’t tell the fingers I’d hoped to double that. 😉 The story is coming along swimmingly, though, that’s the important part.

How are your projects going today?

My last official word count tally: 15,829 / 50,000 words. 32% done!

Nanowrimo day 4 #amwriting

Nanowrimo Day 4: I woke up on day 4, got my coffee and began writing, so that by lunch time I’d already hit half of the Nanowrimo official goal.  I then had to stop typing my wordage to recharge some batteries but then I still surpassed my Tuesday word count before the end of the night. spurred on no doubt by my sister-in-law’s awesome progress! (she hit 10,000 words before I did!) And this is her first Nanowrimo too. 😎

Work in progress: 15%   7,384/50,000

I had, er, shall we say a little bit of trouble with the site (Oh lord, the new site! Those of you who’ve been with Nano for a while know how wonky it became after the reboot) and miscalculated my total, and got the 10k banner a day early but, it’s all good. I like some things about the new site, but not that, and not that I effective lost half of my participation years and had to manually add them all. But it is what it is. I’m more used to it now than I was last year. As to the updates, I’ll no doubt have hit 10k by the time you read this. Uh, my username is (*points to book covers*) julidrevezzo, if you want follow me there.

Nanowrimo–days 2 and 3

Nano day 2:Day 2 went better if there wasn’t much to report. I did have a plotting “Eureka” moment, and introduced something I needed a second opinion on. (Yeah, that can happen despite “prepping” for Nanowrimo. At least it does for me) I still hit my goal, though. Surpassed it, actually. 🙂

Nanowrimo Day 3 went even better than last and I not only hit my goal but surpassed it, so that I caught up (I think) with where I should be.

But I ended up writing something that made me have to rearrange a previous scene. Altogether, I clocked out at 2,053 words. Ouch. I keep trying to talk myself into slowing down, that I don’t really need to win, this year, but the other half of my brain says “Oh, you can recover later. Speed up!”


Total thus far, 5,155.

Nanowrimo–day 1

I meant to start posting these on day one and then day two, but, alas. I didn’t get to. So, a small diary of progress.

Nanowrimo day 1 didn’t really work out that well because I woke up to a completely different project. A free goodie for those who signed up for my newsletter with the Preptober guide. (Did you get it. No? Do you want it? The link for joining and getting is here. )

Anyway, this first day, I managed to get about 900 words in something that I can’t count on my Nanowrimo dashboard. But in the end, I ended up in my official project hitting my goal for the day by the skin of my teeth. Day two, will be continued in next post.