Books and more books and…Nanowrimo again? #writerslife #amreading #amwriting #Authorblogs

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I have not have time to blog. Yes, I’ve been reading…a lot this week. I’ve finished not one, but  three books I had on my TBR list.And… those three? The Tower’s Alchemist by Alesha Escobar, an Ovid (which I’ve had on my shelf for years [ I want to say seven or eight] meaning to read), and Shadows of the Heart by Patty G. Henderson, which I got from the author. I enjoyed all, especially Ms. Escobar’s. (WW2, wizards fighting against the Nazis and Fascism, what’s not to love?) I don’t have a review written up for it yet (by “finished” I mean I just finished it, here, at midnight). I will try to get a little something written up for my blog though, asap.

(Oh! And I learned something, I don’t like the “review” feature on the audible app. Why? Well, I tried to leave a review for an audiobook I consumed…you know how wordy I can be? The damned thing gave me a word limit that amounted to a short sentence, and while that may be okay?
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