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Can I have some aspirin? Or #30DaysmagicalRoots Days 24 Sabbats @Plentiful_earth #BloggersBlast

Sorry this went out early, y’all. I wish blogger would move the buttons so publish and save weren’t right freakin’ next to one another! Ahem… #30days Magical Roots Challenge, Day 24’s prompt was: Special days.

Solar eclipse, some ideas, and just a reminder …..#solareclipse

Ready for some solar eclipse vibes and magic! 🙂 unfortunately, we’ve got a wait for it in my area, but…still nifty to watch on tv as it goes.  #solareclipse Solar eclipse magic? Charge everything seems a good idea. 🙂 I’ve

Do you KU?

You know, Kindle Unlimited. If you’re a subscriber, did you know you can borrow my latest, FRIGGA’S LOST ARMY, LADY OF THE TAROT, for FREE (and many of my other titles, fantasies and romances both) from the Kindle Lending Library? Yep.

Energy work confession (day 5) #30DaysMagicalRoots #Mondayblogs

 Energy work? What’s that? #30DaysMagicalRoots via @Plentiful_Earth Energy work is the topic of day 5 (I know I’m two days late on this) Okay, so I guess I wanted to talk about this a bit. Energy work…is an odd thing

Cimmeran Shade Release Party #authorevent #Pnr #authorrt #IARTG

Good morning, all (yeah, it’s still morning). There’s a little bit more news in the ole tribal grounds today. I am the takeover guest at the Cimmeran Shade Release Party throughout today. You can find the fun and check out

My 3 greatest strengths/weaknesses/doubts

 If you’re wondering where these posts come from, I’m following (unofficially) this set of prompts here.   Catching up on several posts.  I’m going to combine a few here, bear with me.    My greatest strength: Tenacity (which some people might see

Read an ebook week –#ebookweek17 #discount #pnr #mystery #BYNR

 Just a quickie post today. I wanted to give a heads up, I’ve put MURDER UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR into the Smashwords Read an Ebook sale. On #sale for one more day! Use code RAE50 at checkout for 50% #discount.

In honor of Brighid… #imbolc

Brighid’s Light by Juli D. Revezzo    See that little swatch of green knitting? I had hoped to knit a Brighid doll by now…ee-yeah. As you can see, it didn’t work out. But My Lady is kind-hearted. She sent me

This Samhain visit the magical forest ravines of Marsha A. Moore’s Coon Hollow Coven

I’m pleased to welcome my friend and a fantastic fantasy author, Marsha A. Moore to my little home. She’s got a brand new book out in her popular Coon Hollow Coven series, and since we love witches and their stories

August 29th. the Two of Wands.

And the 29th, : I drew the two of wands. 2 of Wands from Llewellyn Tarot, copyright Llewellyn, The Druidcraft Deck, by Phillip Carr-Gomm and Stephanie Gomm and the Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot by US Games This one was a new