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Attempts at journaling– #journaling #selfdevelopment

Since I mentioned my new planner, in my last post, I thought I’d continue the topic. Along with everything else, I’m hoping to do a little more paper-and-ink journaling this year. I have tons of blank books, mainly for (if

Planning–a writer’s writing life #indie #authorhelp #IndieAuthors #mondayblogs #mondaymotivation

Good morning Hey look, she’s done something new? What is that, you ask? Scheduled a post! I know, breathe. The shock will wear off in a moment. 🙂 Yes, I know, I should schedule more of these ahead of time.

These early days of the new year

Sunday Post was conceived by Kimberly at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  For a quick Sunday post, this week has been busy with revisions and looking over my journals for what I’ve written up so far this month. Paper journals. I’m already