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before it gets too late…

I wanted to pop in here and wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day, in however and with whoever you celebrate it. For myself, yes my hubby and I celebrate.  But also, it’s a bit of an ancestor day. One

Planning–a writer’s writing life #indie #authorhelp #IndieAuthors #mondayblogs #mondaymotivation

Good morning Hey look, she’s done something new? What is that, you ask? Scheduled a post! I know, breathe. The shock will wear off in a moment. 🙂 Yes, I know, I should schedule more of these ahead of time.

Sunday post on Monday

Sunday Post was conceived by Kimberly at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Whoops! I meant to have this one go live yesterday and the music post go up today. Silly me, I didn’t schedule them right. Duh. Okay, so hello! How was