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The robot stepped…. writing prompt steampunk flash fiction

Iauthor posted a writing prompt. So I came up with this bit of steampunk flash fiction. I hope you like it.

A lesson in keeping a customer happy. #UnnecessaryWaste

How are y’all doing? Me, I’ve been busy as usual. Need you ask? Busy with editing and getting a Sooper Sekret project to a beta reader. 🙂 Now that that’s off, I’m toying with a few others (including the Nano

Free Form Tales–War Hero

War Hero This is a little short scene/story I wrote during my first Tampa Area Romance Authors meeting all the way back in 2009. It is based on the feel of the stories my father, a Korean War Veteran, told

Freebie #KindleFreebie Friday

So, it was a very busy morning, but I wanted to pop in here and tell y’all my Gothic short story Sing a Mournful Melody is Free today, Friday, January 23, on Amazon. Synopsis:  At the turn of the 20th

New release: Do you sing a mournful melody?

I have a new release! Entitled “Sing A Mournful Melody” it’s a piece I have been sitting on for quite a while. Thanks to my mentor, Patty G. Henderson, it finally sees the light of day. 🙂 Set in 1900,