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Podcasts and astrology — #30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge @Plentiful_Earth

#30daysMagicalRootsChallenge by @Plentiful_ Earth Writing and editing has distracted me from finishing this, but we’re almost done! And, look! Day 29 (and 28). (Okay, so it was supposed to posted on August 28th and 29th, but still. :)) Day 29 asked

Healing and Self Care–#30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge @Plentiful_Earth

Though the month ended, I wanted to finish these up. However, a funeral, then a hurricane got in the way, so here we are, halfway into the next month (are we already??)  and I’ve got a few more to go. Day

Sigils–#30daysmagicalroots: Day 26: Sigils @Plentiful_earth #Blogs #BloggersBlast

Whoa! Now I’m really behind. Okay the prompt for the #30daysmagicalroots challenge day 26 was: Craft a sigil that represents the path you are on or the path you want to follow. This is a deeply personal creation so put

Can I have some aspirin? Or #30DaysmagicalRoots Days 24 Sabbats @Plentiful_earth #BloggersBlast

Sorry this went out early, y’all. I wish blogger would move the buttons so publish and save weren’t right freakin’ next to one another! Ahem… #30days Magical Roots Challenge, Day 24’s prompt was: Special days.

#30DaysmagicalRoots Days 21-23 Symbols symbols everywhere @Plentiful_earth #Blogs #BloggersBlast

#30DaysmagicalRoots continues with the subject: Day 21: Symbols What symbols do you use in your practice and why? Are there any that you are drawn to? Try carving the symbol into a candle and burning it while you meditate on that

Day 20: #30daysmagicalroots challenge–magical ethics @plentiful_earth

#30DaysmagicalRoots continues with the subject:Day 20:Magical ethics.What are magical ethics? Write down a core list of ethics for your own practice. No judgement here-this is for you and you alone! (Then why post them publicly? Never mind…) Also, sorry to sneak

#30daysmagicalroots days 11-12: simple spells and pantheons

#30DaysmagicalRoots continues with these subjects: (Sneaking 11 and 12 in here because I seem to have forgot them, or erased them or something. *smacks forehead*) Day 11 was write a spell… (This is easy, basically, stand in your happy place (backyard,

#30DaysmagicalRoots Day 19: Sacred Space. #bloggerblast @plentiful_earth #SacredSpace #BlessedBe

Next in the #30DaysmagicalRoots challenge. How do you create sacred space for yourself? Do you cast a circle every time you work a spell? Or do you have a dedicated space that you practice in? Take some time today to settle into

#30DaysmagicalRoots Days 16 -18 Connecting to Mother Earth & more #bloggerblast

#30DaysmagicalRoots continues.   Day 16: Connect with Mother Earth. Go outside! Find a tree to sit with for a while. Maybe clean up if there is garbage around it. Let today be a day of service to Mother Earth.  Ooh!

Meditation, plant magic, and more–#30daysmagicalroots days8-10 @plentiful_earth #blogs #BloggersBlast

#30daysmagicalroots fun continues. The prompt for day 8 Meditation. I try to meditate before ritual, have tried for years. Not very successfully, I must say. I envy those who can just plop down and calm their minds within five seconds.