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Review: Vigil for the Bulls (The Poseidon Liturgical Year Project part 1) by Jolene Dawe.

Vigil of the Bulls by Jolene Dawe covers the author’s struggle to integrate in some way another aspect of the Greek god Poseidon that one doesn’t hear spoken of often: his care for bulls. These days, people don’t think of

New Release! Poseidon of the Ponds | Strip Me Back To The Bone

So, my friend Jolene Dawe (who, you know, I have reviewed and talked about before here, here, and here) has another new  book out, another in her Poseidon themed devotional. For all my readers (especially my pagan friends!) You should

Author and Editor Rebecca Buchanan on ancient magic and pagan literature

Our guest, Rebecca Buchanan, has been a feature in the pagan fiction community for a while, we are pleased to have read her latest release, a fine collection of ranging from fantasy to scifi to mythological retellings entitled A Witch