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Writing warriors–5: A lost battle… #8Sunday #historical #fantasy #SundaySnippet

I meant to get this posted for this past Sunday. Anyway, here’s another snippet from Frigga’s Lost Army, my new historical fantasy novel (set in World War 2 Italy). As the soldier spoke his report in Italian, Benjamin understood wounded,

The Queen of Pentacles–Tarot Perspectives

This post was actually written sometime last week, edited somewhat from what I posted on Instagram for the  #tarotperspectives challenge there. The Queen of Pentacles has shown up for me multiple times this month (latter half of July through even

Suzanne G. Rogers introduces us to Meet Mr. & Mrs. Odin a/k/a The Bickersons

When Suzanne G. Rogers released her latest, Dani & the Immortals, I knew I had to come invite her to share a little about the book. So for your reading pleasure, I’m pleased to present her outtake from the novel….