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Another few Instafreebie giveways, fantasy mystery, folkloric fantasy stories to enjoy.

And there are three more I forgot to mention (because it’s early and I need coffee!): There’s also, before I forget to mention this again,

Writing warriors 6–What does a soldier and Pagan Musings Podcast

Pagan Musings Podcast tonight and a snippet. Before I start off on this entry, I need to let y’all know, I’m going to be chatting about this book (FRIGGA’S LOST ARMY)– and more! —tonight on the Pagan Musings Podcast. I

Do you KU?

You know, Kindle Unlimited. If you’re a subscriber, did you know you can borrow my latest, FRIGGA’S LOST ARMY, LADY OF THE TAROT, for FREE (and many of my other titles, fantasies and romances both) from the Kindle Lending Library? Yep.

Day 4–intentions–#30daysmagickal_@plentiful_earth #blogs #BloggersBlast #writerslife

What are your intentions? (That sounds so old fashioned, doesn’t it? “What are your intentions to her, my boy?” “Well, you see, sir, I didn’t mean to lift her skirt…” ;)) Ahem… Day 4: Intentions Set your intention for this

Writing warriors–5: A lost battle… #8Sunday #historical #fantasy #SundaySnippet

I meant to get this posted for this past Sunday. Anyway, here’s another snippet from Frigga’s Lost Army, my new historical fantasy novel (set in World War 2 Italy). As the soldier spoke his report in Italian, Benjamin understood wounded,

Keys again. What’d it mean? (Snippet from Frigga’s Lost Army) #historicalfantasy #TuesdayTeaser

I thought I’d do something different today, so here’s a #TeaserTuesday snippet of my new book, Frigga’s Lost Army. Since I’ve more space to share here than on Twitter, *eg* here’s the longer version. This is from chapter three of

Smashwords sale take 2: #ebookweek17 #sale #pnr #BookBoost #BYNR #IARTG #YA #fun

Oops, I should’ve added,  CHANGELING’S CROWN is also in the Smashwords #ebookweek17 sale:  Synopsis: When Ianthe began her career in Everland as a faery godmother, she stumbled so badly that Snow White will probably never speak to her again. After

Another week gone–Sunday blog post 16: #SundayBlogShare #weeklyrecap

Sunday Post was conceived by Kimberly at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. And I can’t believe January is almost over.  How are y’all this fine Sunday? I’m doing fine. Got some stuff back from my editor last night that I hope to

Top Ten Books With X Setting–fantasy settings I’d love to visit.

A meme by the Broke and the Bookish. The question for this week (and yes, I realize I’m late!) was your Top Ten Books With X Setting (top ten books set near the beach, top ten book set in boarding

Catching up on tarot perspectives

For those of you new to my blog and writing, several years ago, I wrote a short story based on the tarot, at that time I was making a casual inspection of the cards for the use of storytelling…mainly. I’d