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Addition to Smashwords Summer Sale

For transparency, this may be in the Smashwords Summer Sale, (not sure) but I added another story back to the Smashwords site. In case your in the mood for something a little dark, something akin to the old Universal Monsters

New historical romance

Hi, everyone. Well, after some frustrating minor glitches, I'm back and with some news I wanted to share with you. I have a new release (finally!), an historical romance entitled COURTING THE STATIONMASTER'S DAUGHTER:

Merry Christmas and news #BloggersBlast #newrelease #timetravel

Sunday Post was conceived by Kimberly at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Hi, everyone. I hope you are all well, and have had (or are looking forward to) a nice holiday. I’ve been down since Thanksgiving with excruciating back pain and so that

What to do when writing is hard…

Sunday Post was conceived by Kimberly at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. *sigh*Sorry. This went live early…again. Anywho, how are you this Sunday? I picked up some new books to read. It’s been a good week, but albeit, one in which I ended

Stop trying to marry me off! weekend writing warriors

So, I know you’ve seen this earlier. My newest release in steampunk Victorian romance is live. So for weekend writing warriors, I chose…well,  slightly over 8 lines from Vesta’s Clockwork Companions, but, I thought I’d share this short excerpt with

Tax day sale

   I’m participating in a Tax Day Book Fair from April 15th through April 21st, and there are a ton of great authors featured in the sale. You can see them all here. In honor of the book fair,

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Love this lovely corset (by G. Mak (name??)

A lucky guy and a poor girl… #8sunday #Medievalromance Weekend Writing Warriors #SundaySnippet

I hope you all had a lovely week–and a fine Imbolc, if you celebrate it (off to see the Groundhog? ;). I’ve been doing more catching up but I think all’s settling back into order. That being the case, I

New covers for the Celtic Stewards Chronicles series!

Because I thought it was time to give it a fresh look. Something a tad big more  “fantasy”and fitting this fantasy/historical fantasy/historical fantasy romance blended series than men with swords–but Suzanne still got the swords in there. 🙂 Druid Warrior’s

Writing warriors 6–What does a soldier and Pagan Musings Podcast

Pagan Musings Podcast tonight and a snippet. Before I start off on this entry, I need to let y’all know, I’m going to be chatting about this book (FRIGGA’S LOST ARMY)– and more! —tonight on the Pagan Musings Podcast. I