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Never quite satisfied

That’s me! I’m sorta back where I want to be(regarding this blog, anyway) but I still am pretty darned frustrated with some things. Don’t get too close, I might bite you! lol* Kidding, but omg, frustration! What am I grateful

Gratitude for today

I hope everyone had a good weekend. We did. It rained here so I wasn’t able to actually get to the park like I like, but I did get to the movies. We went to see the new Star Trek

Behind the scenes-ing this Gratitude Project thing–day one

Butterfly and Chinese wisteria, by Xü Xi. Early Song Dynasty, c. 970 Jo’s post reminded me that the Gratitude project, that’s been around for (as my grandmother used to say) Donkey’s years is back. So, why not? There’s enough in