Carrie Vaughn giveaway

And I just noticed, that as part of their Paranormal Summer Fest, ATUF is giving away a copy of the latest Carrie Vaughn, Kitty novel, Kitty Goes to War (plus Ms. Vaughn’s tossing in a CD of the playlist for that novel, isn’t that nifty?). You know I love the Kitty books. 🙂 So, if you do too and want to check it out, you can read the post here. The giveaway ends July 4th. Good luck!

From the I am *so* fangirly jealous file. :)

The Book Lovers Inc. has an interview to die for with UF author Vicki Pettersson. (I’m green with jealousy! I’m in  love with what I’ve read of her series.) If you’d like to see it, and take a chance at winning the whole series, signed, go here.


Good luck, all! Meanwhile, I’m going to go dream about having her on my site one day. 😉

Something Shiny Rambling with Vicki and Laurie

Oh, and since it’s getting so few hits, I thought I’d point this out to you, my friend Laurie has got a post about women’s likes and dislikes. And she’s hoping to pick one commenter to whom she’ll gift “something shiny”! You may see it here.


She tells me she’s going to pick a winner tomorrow.


😉 I think my brownie points are safe for the day. I didn’t want to be *evil* and keep this to myself, after all!


New author alert: Erica Ridley

Ok, I’m sorry, I only just found out about this, but there’s a debut author at Plot Monkeys right this moment. Her first Regency/Gothic romance has just been released and I really think we should give her some support. 🙂 Do go check out her post, and with a chance to win her novel, I think you will enjoy this. You can find it more about her, and the Plot Monkeys visit, here.