Holiday Blog Hop finale

holiday-blog-hop-3aFinal day of the Indie Writers Unite Blog hop. I hope you all found some great books, and maybe bought some as Christmas gifts?

If you want to see the rules for entering for the grand prize and all the authors and books involved–aside from mine–they’re up on the IWU Holiday Hop site here:

Thanks to everyone who followed me. I’ll get the winner up tomorrow (or Monday at latest depending on what happens this weekend. I mean, The Hobbit‘s coming out this weekend, isn’t it? *squee* Older followers can tell you weekends and blog time aren’t my strong suit).

Happy Holidays.

Guest posts and Flowers

First off, guest spot. I’m over at *squee* The Speculative Salon today talking about …well, you’ll have to come and see. The post is up here.

Anyway, I got some geranium clippings this weekend. I hope I don’t kill them! We’ll see. If they live, I’ll post a picture (these here are not ours, but just pretty. I hope mine turn out that fruitful. :)) Anyway, guest post. :)Do stop by Speculative Salon and say hi! Oh, also don’t forget…Indie Historical romance author Merry Farmer post on my other blog is still up and includes a giveaway. It rocks that she got so many likes, y’all (*smiles*) but you’ll need to leave her a comment so I can have someone to pick from. Clock runs out this Friday…. Meanwhile, Happy Labor day, everyone–if you have the day off.

Saturday steam and Kitties

catcrimes2bHi all, I’ve been ill the last few days, so do forgive the lack of posts. Haven’t been able to look at a computer screen without getting all queasy. *blech* It also made me totally forget Suzanne. I’m pleased to announce I am guest today over at the lovely Suzanne Lazear’s group blog Steamed.

The post is here:
Do please share and stop by to say hi, if you wish. 😉

Blogger hop (3)

I’m late again this week, but I’ve still found a few great sites to share with you (some through the hop, some not). They are as follows:

Bookends Diaries

Maybe Tomorrow?

The Wormhole

Reading Angel

The Life of a Wannabe Writer

That’s all for this week! Enjoy them!