Druid Defiance release day!

Well, it’s release day… Again.

Yes, it’s here! Druid Defiance (Stewards War, book 3) is out!

Druid Defiance (Stewards War book 3) by Juli D. Revezzo, paranormal romance, now available at Amazon, ebook, paperback, druids, Celtic romance, Irish romance,

The synopsis is as follows:

Destined for War…

As Steward, Stacy travels to her ancestral home in Ireland to wed. When she is granted access to the family’s sacred site, her presence opens a magical portal that brings her into a new version of the world. Does this mean the gods approve and her wedding can move forward or will the evil Balor object and end the world once and for all?

Druid Defiance is available now at Amazon:

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So, if you’d like to read a sample, there’s one here, or it’s (finally!) live on Amazon.

I hope you will enjoy it.

(and if you haven’t started the series, book 1 is in a Kindle Countdown sale right now, so you can snag it for $.99)

Oh and for those who celebrate it, I wish you a peaceful and blessed Imbolc!