Nanowrimo–days 2 and 3

Nano day 2:Day 2 went better if there wasn’t much to report. I did have a plotting “Eureka” moment, and introduced something I needed a second opinion on. (Yeah, that can happen despite “prepping” for Nanowrimo. At least it does for me) I still hit my goal, though. Surpassed it, actually. 🙂

Nanowrimo Day 3 went even better than last and I not only hit my goal but surpassed it, so that I caught up (I think) with where I should be.

But I ended up writing something that made me have to rearrange a previous scene. Altogether, I clocked out at 2,053 words. Ouch. I keep trying to talk myself into slowing down, that I don’t really need to win, this year, but the other half of my brain says “Oh, you can recover later. Speed up!”


Total thus far, 5,155.