Thanksgiving from Raven Queen Publications

Thanksgiving again? What happened to this year? I’ve spent this month working my tail feathers… er, working hard on a Nanowrimo project. Yes I know I wasn’t planning on it, but decided at the last minute to jump in.

I’m far from finished with said-project, but it’s getting there and time to take a break for the annual feast.

So … for my friends in the US who celebrate it,

Thanksgiving card from Pixabay
Vintage postcard from Pixabay.

And my thanks to all of you who read my little books–and of course, this blog. I am grateful for you and all my friends, all of your likes, kind words, and support. Happy Thanksgiving (or whatever you wish to celebrate as). Have a good day, and safe travels, if you’re traveling.

Copyright Juli D. Revezzo, 2019