The Star-Crossed Seamstress by Suzanne G. Rogers

Suzanne G. Rogers, The Star-Crossed Seamstress

Light reading The Star-Crossed Seamstress and the storm

I hope y’all are having a good weekend, and have survived Hurricane Dorian. We did. In fact, we didn’t get much of anything here at all. A few gusts of wind, some spurts of rain, that was about it. Nothing like the Bahamas got *shudder* for which we are glad.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on yet more books and reading more books. My latest read? I finished Suzanne G. Rogers’ latest sweet romance novel, The Star-Crossed Seamstress.

Suzanne G. Rogers, The Star-Crossed Seamstress

The synopsis is as follows:

Skylar flees a family scandal in Boston, expecting assistance in society from her English relatives. Once her plans fall apart, however, she is obliged to earn money with her skills as a seamstress. Just when she’s given up on the notion of marriage, her path crosses that of a charming laborer who inexplicably sets her pulse racing.

When wealthy Joe Fiddick hits a patch of bad luck, he seizes the opportunity to do something meaningful by helping a neighbor and her pretty granddaughter with repairs to their cottage. As it turns out, he has more in common with the granddaughter than he realizes…and what they share spells disaster for their budding romance.

Will Joe and Skylar be star-crossed lovers or can the rift between them be mended?

What did I think? These are, similar to Suzanne’s books Duke of Gilded Age, and Rake and Romance, so forth, historical romance and I’ve always liked her take on that genre. I’ve also had a soft-spot for the hero, Joe, so I enjoyed it very much! Having read the previous two novels in Suzanne G. Rogers’ Mannequin series, I couldn’t wait to read the final volume, The Star-Crossed Seamstress. This one follows Joe Fiddick (friend to Rosamund [The Mannequin], cousin to Grace [Grace Unmasked] ), and his early days at Oxford, and…er, a little trouble that leads him away from the college for a while. When he meets a young lass (Skylar) newly home from America, they kindle a friendship that, well, if I tell you any more, it will ruin the surprise. Rest assured, romance ensues, and a long-hidden secret is revealed. But what, how, and why, I can’t tell you without spoiling it. You’ll have to read to find out what happens.

If you’d like to check out this sweet Victorian romance novel, it’s available at Amazon, in Ebook and paperback.

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