Never let a dragon…

Borrowed from (and inspired by) author Brian Rathbone. He came up with the original and I responded with something like:
Never spray hairspray around a dragon, or else…

never let a dragon, Hellboy gif

Who knows if that wouldn’t happen?

Uh, maybe not around a dragon, but yes, this has happened to me. I was out lighting candle bags, one Christmas and whoosh. I would’ve rather a dragon have done it. I was put out fast. though, thankfully, but I learned to be very careful, and didn’t let Sealya bring her hairspray around the dragon that visits Caitlin.
That would be the one in the new book, The Dragon’s Seamstress, I mean. I mentioned it in my last post. Have you checked it out yet? No? It’s out now, if you like.

By the way, gif is of “Liz” from Hellboy (the original) and I found it at Giphy. The first movie was really good, but I have to say the second (Hellboy and the Golden Army) has to be my favorite. 🙂 If you’ve ever read my Celtic Stewards Chronicles series, you’ll understand why. However, if you’ve never seen the original Hellboy, I recommend it. I’m not hearing quite the same things of the remake (Why?? WHY, did they remake it????), but I still hope to see it, sometime.

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