What are your favorite foods?

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This is an old, old post, slightly updated, vikked From Romance Bandits (that site is gone now, sadly. Only their Twitter account remains). The Romance Bandits once questioned visitors about their favorite foods. Not much has changed for me in the intervening years. I’m not really that picky an eater. Although, when I’m trying to decide between the three nearby burger joints I’ve noticed I’ve gotten very bored. Anyway, I thought y’all might enjoy this.

What are your favorite foods?

1. Chocolate – white, dark or milk? White

2. Hot dog or burger? both

3. Popcorn – butter, cheese, sweet? Cheese

4. Eggs – best way to have them cooked? Sunny side up. Although, I do like a good omelette, now and then. Actually, hubby and I do egg (actually, egg beaters) and cheese omelettes in the microwave, from time to time? So, so good!

5. Favorite vegetable? Broccoli, or carrots. About the only one I really dislike is brussel sprouts.

6. Tea or coffee? How do you take it? Coffee, cream and sugar, tea’s good too, though.

7. Strawberries or raspberries? strawberries

8. Favorite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)? Sprite or ginger ale.

9. Favorite sandwich filling? Turkey, egg salad, ham and cheese. I like a good steak and cheese too.

And, of course …. the best chips or snack to have with beer? I’m going to say no to the beer, just give me the chips!!! 😉 Is it lunchtime yet?? 😉

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