Avengers: Endgame and Dark Phoenix mini-review

This has been a heck of a frustrating couple weeks, but the best of it was, a) I got a proof copy that I’m going over (stay tuned for book release news!) and b) I got to take a breather and go to the movies. What did I see? Avengers: Endgame and… one that I have been waiting to see since last year, Dark Phoenix.

(Yeah, both comics movies. What can I say? I’ve been a fan for a long time, and couldn’t wait to see both, specifically Dark Phoenix.)
Dark Phoenix poster

Some spoilers here–er,  though, I don’t think there are. (Though, maybe for Avengers: Infinity Wars. Maybe for Dark Phoenix, but only if you know the comic?).

Ready? (I promise, this one is more in-depth than my take on Aquaman.)

Now, I am a Phoenix fan from a long time ago, so I’ve been dying to see Dark Phoenix. Finally got to and, you know what? The critics may hate it, but (despite the, um–no-spoiler–thing there that happens) I loved it.

Jean Grey and the X-men go off to save the space shuttle Endeavour astronauts and she gets hit with a solar flare, that entwines her with a dark, alien power, that sends her over the edge (and makes her the most powerful X-men). She wreaks a lot of havoc (no spoilers) particularly when she realizes the truth about her parents and the accident that saw her being adopted by Charles Xavier…. The rest of the movie is her trying to come to terms with all that and  that leads her to the bad guys (er, aliens)–who succeed only in ticking her off more and she gets to kick alien butt. *shakes head* hehe. Poor aliens. As fangirls know, you don’t muck with Jean. 😉

There are a lot of negative reviews of Dark Phoenix and while, yes there were some rather “um”- worthy moments (Storm icing the hole in the ship–in space? And yes, maybe poor Scott could get a little better treatment [eg. one of my problems/questions about DP’s script was, why send Hank after Jean and not, you know her boyfriend, Scott?]), and there was a hell of a lot more they could’ve done with her story–because the Dark Phoenix saga covered several issues of comics.

In the movie, she’s powerful–but not quite as powerful as she became in the comics (see this explanation if you wish. It doesn’t really become a spoiler for this movie, because, hello, they left out a lot*) but I gotta tell ya, despite that,  I  personally loveloveloved it–ahem, I mean, I enjoyed it very much.

*Which, that’s my biggest complaint about DP. Dude, there was so much more Jean should have done in the movie!! But the writers (directors? Fox?) decided to mix in several other storylines (eg. Xavier’s moral dilemma’s and Magneto’s drama.)… I guess because Disney is about to reboot the whole franchise?

I will say, though, that if you know the Dark Phoenix storyline, it um, at least sort of ends the same way… (for those bitching about that ending because you expected something different, don’t worry.That sometimes happens in the comics. This is Marvel. It may take awhile, but they always find a way to work everything out. (yes, I did sorta-quote another movie altogether). No one is ever *ahem* x-ed out in their comics! 😉

But for the merge into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and there is a nod to it in DP!) will they make anymore X-men movies? Will they cover more about Jean once they do? Will they finally do her story right?

It doesn’t look likely, (I even hear tell they were planning a movie about Gambit–but oh no. That’s been shelved too.)

(The X-men franchise continues to get shafted. 🙁 ).

Still, flaws aside, I enjoyed Dark Phoenix, very much.

(For the record, I also quite enjoyed First Class, Days of Future Past, and yes, even Apocalypse, so there you go.)


If I were to give stars (and I don’t usually give movies stars here,) I’d say, um, 3 3/4? Because, heh, it’s my favorite X-men, but not 4 because, uh, I had hoped for a more true comic book rendering.

As for Avengers: Endgame. (Trailer below, review below that)

Yes.  Well, if you know the last movie (Infinity War) you will know what happened first. If not, go away now. Everything that happens in Endgame is a result of what happened in Infinity War.
Spoiler alert


Are you gone? Good.

Now, after Thanos’ snap, half the population of the universe is gone, including the loved ones of many of the Avengers. Iron Man (Tony Stark) is stuck in outer space, heading back to Earth from his confrontation with Thanos on Titan, and running out of air. The others are also dealing with losses (Hawkeye loses his family in the blink of an eye, Antman, same, and …well, half the population). Hawkeye has gone on a killing spree, in the meantime, while Black Widow (Natalie) is left to pull the remnants of the Avengers back together. Hulk returns and even Captain Marvel got Nick Fury’s message and comes to check on them. The team find Thanos and rip him a new one. (Which they should’ve done at the end of the last movie!! **Grr**)

Anyway, five years pass and Antman stumbles into the Avengers headquarters and explains the quantum realm, how it might be a vehicle to rescue everyone … by turning back time and maybe finding the infinity stones before Thanos.The team is split on the decision of how to do it, because, you know, time travel is theoretical to the rest of the world. Tony, of course, breaks the code, and waffles about using it because, you know, he has a life now. In the end, the Avengers break into teams to go to various points in time to capture the stones. Everything settled?

Did you see the last movie? Of course it isn’t! What happened? Well, I won’t spoil the rest of it for you. You’ll have to see it to find out. Though, I thought the time travel bit was … a bit of a cop out(?), I enjoyed it. Otoh, really, how else are you going to defeat the “all powerful” Thanos when he’s already done what he said he was going to do? Stopping it from happening in the first place is better than trying to reconstitute mountains of ash, I suppose, so off they go.

Though I didn’t want xxx to happen to yyy. I understand why yyy made that sacrifice. (and also, how come it is never Thor–you know, the only god on the team–who comes up with this sh**? No, they had him wallow in grief–which I also understand, but still. Who else should be the most qualified to fix it when stuff goes sideways? What good is being a god if you can’t, you know, fix sh**?)

Did it end satisfactorily? Hells yes. Did Endgame end happily? Well, I suppose that would depend on your point of view and who your favorite character is in the Avengers team. Did I enjoy it? Oh, heck yeah! More importantly, would Stan Lee have been happy with both these movies? That’s the question for the ages now, innit? 🙁

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