Regency Romance collection by Arietta Richmond, and more

 Sharing a new Regency Romance (limited time) collection from Arietta Richmond. This one is a boxed set of eight full-length historical romance novels called, Love, One Regency Autumn.

Regency Romance


This collection of eight full novellas presents some very different heroes and heroines, but the common theme is that they all find love, despite trials and tribulations along the way, in some way related to Autumn.

This collection includes:
Attracting the Spymaster by Arietta Richmond.
A Baron who is more than he seems, A Viscountess with access to secrets, a treasonous plot to kill, a conflict of love and duty, a love beyond all expectation.
The Fortune Teller by Isabella Thorne.
A Fortune Teller who is not what he seems, a tavern girl who was not always so, a chance meeting, a ball that changes everything, a love that heals old wounds.
Lady Julia’s Autumn Festival by Grace Austen.
A Lady who struggles to maintain propriety, a Duke who was her childhood friend, a charitable endeavour, a reconnection that leads to love.
Autumn at Easterly Park by Eleanor St Clair.
An aristocratic family fallen on hard times, a last chance for a Lady to be out in society, a man who has always loved her, an interfering mother, a final chance for happiness.
The Viscount’s Revenge by Regina Darcy.
A Viscount thwarted in love by his best friend, a Lady he once rescued, a reconnection, a plan for revenge, a new love born from the ashes.
The Masquerade by Lydia Pembroke.
A Lady ignored by society, a Lord about to be betrothed, a Masquerade Ball where deception and betrayal bring them together, but when all is revealed, will love triumph?
The Duke’s Family Secret by Kelly Anne Bruce.
A bitter feud between families who were once friends, secrets kept for decades, a Lady in her first season, a Lord who finds that friendship has become love, a revelation. Will old bitterness be forgotten, or will it steal their chance at lasting love?
A Lady for the Bitter Duke by Sophia Wilson.
A bereaved Duke, bitter and withdrawn, a lady who despises him, a Masquerade Ball, a meeting of kindred souls, a shocking unmasking, a change of heart, a reconciliation, a new love discovered.
To sum up, if you’d like to check it out, you can do so at Amazon.

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