Victorian dating rituals

As usual, I’m late offering this holiday themed post. I have an excuse. Same as ever, I was researching Victorian dating rituals for a new work-in-progress. 🙂  A romance. (Yes, my historical romance readers, one is coming… slowly.) That counts as time well-spent on Valentine’s day, right? 🙂

Victorian dating rituals

And for something a little bit fun….Victorian dating rituals. (That I picked up from these articles here and here)

So here’s some of what a Victorian gentleman would have to go through if he wanted to date, er, court, a young lady:

1. Hit up a friend of hers for info about your intended paramour
2. Usually then you’d have to get an introduction, at a party, where her parents could watch things like where you put those hands. Hands off, pal! *slap* 😉
3. If you survived that you could take a stroll gal, in the park.
(under the watchful eye of that darned chaperone, of course! so you don’t get another *slap!*)
4.And if you survived all that, you might get to sit really close to her to compare notes on that opera you saw…  
5. And make sure your wife-to-be has a lovely…large head. 

Of course, I am severely truncating and paraphrasing the involved process! 🙂  (Just to clarify, I’m not actually kidding about that last item. It really was advice, see here. )

So how I spent my Valentine’s day? Researching of course. (Until the hubby got home and we watched some movies.  Boring, aren’t we? Haha). I hope y’all had a sweet one with your sweeties–or however you spent it.

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