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So, I know you’ve seen this earlier. My newest release in steampunk Victorian romance is live. So for weekend writing warriors, I chose…well,  slightly over 8 lines from Vesta’s Clockwork Companions, but, I thought I’d share this short excerpt with you today anyway.

 (from Chapter one):

Vesta snorted and took up a brush to pull it through her hair. “Can you see Mrs. Colchester at a barn dance? I’m sure Nottingham parties are different. More like something out of Jane Austen.”

His steps approached the door. “You will be fine.”

She set the brush down, crossed to the door to open it, keeping behind its barrier. “You are the most optimistic man I know.”

With the removal of his coat, she saw, through the thin fabric of his white shirt, the scars on his forearm. The wounds he’d worked hard over the years to overcome and regain most of his strength. “And you are the most pessimistic girl.” Father’s blue eyes and the lines on his light cheeks showed his exhaustion. Even though he was tired, she still thought him handsome, and far too young to be worrying about her future. “Can you really be my daughter?”

“Pretend I’m not, and stop trying to marry me off.”

Her words made him laugh. “If I’m not your father, then why do you act so much like an alchemist like me?”

Her words stopped on her tongue and she remembered the experiment that caused the scars on his arm. “I’m sorry, Father. I just…”

“Don’t like your choices, I understand. We’ve been through harder times.”

“Yes we have.” She hugged him, remembering all the years they’d faced alone since her mother’s death. All he’d done and given up for her. “And all through it, I had an excellent teacher. I’m sure I’ll be ready for whatever tomorrow presents.”

Vesta's Clockwork Companions


Genre: Steampunk/Victorian romance.

When Vesta Bartlett, a wealthy alchemist and inventor, arrives in England to finalize an arranged marriage and help overhaul a family friend’s outdated ironworks, she never expects to find the family so secretive, nor to develop feelings for her fiancé’s younger brother, Henry.

But the growing attraction between Vesta and Henry is just the beginning of their troubles. Things really heat up when they’re drawn into a secret project for Queen Victoria’s military, one that requires Vesta’s knowledge of clockwork and Henry’s iron.

An epidemic has wiped out all the dogs in Britain, and beyond. If the military fail in their effort to restore the species, a clockwork creation may be all that stands in the way of a world without canine companionship.

Are Vesta and Henry up to the challenge?

Length: 335 pages, around 83,000 words

Setting: Britain (London and Nottingham), circa 1887.

It’s available at Amazon in kindle and paperback.

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Thanks for reading this weekend writing warriors entry. If you enjoyed Watchmaker’s Heart, I think you’ll like this one. 🙂 I’ll be scooting around the web on various blogs, in the coming days, starting out at a lovely little blog called Whiskey With My Book, and also Romancing the Book. So look out for those on Twitter and such. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Vesta’s tale!

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