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Hi all. I hope you’re doing well. I am. I’ve got a guest for you today, Miss Tina Glasneck is here to talk about her new Paranormal romance series: The Hell Chronicles, so do read on.

From Tina Glasneck:

The Hell Chronicles are my Norse Gods and Goddesses series, which features Lady Hel, the ruler of Helheim. After finding her true love in Book 1, she is on a crash course to fight the gods, and everything is filled with ensuing complications!

Genre: Fantasy, Superheroes, Norse Gods and Goddesses, mythology inspired fantasy in contemporary setting; romantic element; books contain varying heat.

Setting: Earth, Asgard, Helheim, dystopian future
Tropes: good versus evil; Thor versus Loki; Ragnarok looming; magic, supernatural creatures

Hell Bent by Tina Glasneck, Urban fantasy, paranormal romance

Hellbent: When the gods get upset, Lady Hel has a way of breaking loose!

Sif is a struggling college student caught in-between the gods for an epic battle. All is well until both Lady Hel, the goddess of death, and Thor show up to pay her a visit.
Lady Hel has not been restored to her kingdom, as promised. Instead she is still exiled on Earth. With time on her hands, she’s stuck on the idea of family, and her discarded kin, when inspiration hits. She doesn’t need to wait for Ragnarok to come for the gods to receive their comeuppance. No, there is no time like the present to hit them where it hurts – their champion Thor.
Thor’s in trouble with Odin, the All-Father, for disobeying his orders -close to treason. And, he’s also found his way to Midgard just in time.
All roads lead to Sif, and she’ll have to choose sides, heart or honor, carefully, or mankind will pay the ultimate price. Broken promises spark enmity.
And when stuck between two gods, how’s a woman to choose?

Helltown: She might have refused the call to be a hero, but fate has other intentions.

Betrayed, Sif awakens from her artificial sleep to a new world where the Dark Elves have invaded and began to cull humanity. But it’s Loki, the Norse god of mischief, who has her head swimming. He’s given her one task–to fix this mess.
Lady Hel has returned to Helheim, her kingdom restored, but it’s not enough. She’s dragged Thor with her to teach him a valuable lesson, and with the Bifrost Bridge broken, the gods of Asgard are unable to help.
The only hope this dystopian Midgard has is a motley crew, and should they fail, they risk the Dark Elves culling them, and all of humanity.




Everything is a chess match … and Lady Hel is in it to win it!
The gods have rewound time on Midgard to fix the latest shenanigans of Lady Hel and Loki, but there are some things even the gods can’t fix. In their haste, they’ve left pockets of magic behind, and now new magical beings are rising. Of course, Lady Hel is going to use this to her advantage. The goddess of Helheim is after the crown of her beloved Elf King and will stop at nothing to retrieve it.
Back in Asgard, Sif finds herself at the mercy of the gods; she’s learning not everything that glitters is gold. Secrets abound as the gods attempt to force her and Thor closer together. She has her reservations – which she’s pretending have nothing to do with Loki.
Thor’s hoping to redeem himself, and that’s hard to do when he’s considered to be at fault for the entire debacle that he and Midgard find themselves in. He also wishes to redeem his image in Sif’s sight, and that means traveling back to the pockets of magic left over from the Dark Elves recent retreat so he can close them. She’s the key to closing these pockets, which means they will have to work together, even if she doesn’t desire to.
Broken promises, bad magic and enmity are all the ingredients needed to spark another battle, and secrets unveiled. How can you trust those who betray you?
The Hell Chronicles are available at:

About Tina Glasneck
USA TODAY bestselling author Tina Glasneck is a writer, blogger, book lover and caffeine addict. Her interests are diverse, as is her writing. Combining her passions, she enjoys creating stories that span across the genres, including crime fiction, mystery, and thrillers, and PNR and fantasy romance.

Each genre requires something different: spine-tingling, angst causing thrillers, and villains worth their word counts. Inspired by the dark masters of Alfred Hitchcock, and Edgar Allan Poe, darkness must have depth.

When it comes to writing fantasy, she believes in having feminine, fantasy and fierce characters, combining alternate history, with Norse gods, and the fantastical!

When she is not composing her next tale, she’s surely dabbling in paint, finding a new brand of coffee, or people-watching at her local coffee shop.

To learn more, please visit her website:

Do check out Tina’s Hell Chronicles series today!


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