Not very active month but an update–#turtlewriters #writerslife #bloggersblast

Depending on your point of view…

Anyway, I hope you’ve been having a good month. Things have been settling down here, finally, and I’ve got back to some writing. Whatever plans I had for certain manuscripts, this year, have been shifted. Oh, well. It’s one of those things that always seems to happen to me: make plans, plans go down the drain. *thbbpptt*

The time I’ve taken “off” (yes, in quotes) however, I’ve been reading. So what’s been on my list this month? (Call it the month of April)

Let’s see. I just finished A Dragon’s Destiny by Tina Glasnek.
and  Fireflies, (an interesting historical fantasy novel about an Irish immigrant and his family) by PS. Bartlett
The Serpent’s Tooth by Diana L. Paxson (an historical fantasy novel based on King Lear, of all things)
and I’d count Divided Allegiance by Elizabeth Moon as one I finished this month. (the follow up to Sheepfarmer’s Daughter) I enjoyed it as much as I did Sheepfarmer’s Daughter and look forward to reading the last one–which, I just saw on her blog that her publisher is retiring the omnibus version. (Guess I better hang onto mine!) :p Well, the good news is they’re issuing new versions of the three books. Oh good. It’d be sad to see the series go away altogether. Yeah, I’ve liked it.)

At the moment, though, I’m in a King Arthur mood so moved a few oldies I’ve had on my pile up. Actually, no. I just moved Rosemary Sutcliff’s Sword at Sunset up, which yes if you’re keeping score, it’s a re-read. I read it in…I don’t remember, either the very end of high school or the beginning of college, so quite a few years ago. I know, a re-read. Don’t faint. 🙂

Also been doing a lot of movie watching.

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Anyway, I know, it looks like a rather boring month. But believe me, between fielding and trying to make, calls on that other thing I mentioned last time we spoke, it was nice to do nothing but read and recharge.

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