The Naughty List

Got this from Raven Rose:


1) Provide a brief description of your novel before beginning. NO MORE THAN 5 SENTENCES.

Novel: Passion’s Sacred Dance

Unless Stacy Macken can stave off her creditors, she may lose her renowned history center. Yet she knows in her heart that the center is sacred and what a catastrophe losing it would be. How much of a catastrophe, she hasn’t a clue.

Until Aaron Fielding arrives with his tales of magical guardians and the Tuatha dé Danann, sworn warriors from Celtic legend who protect humanity from a wicked enemy seeking their destruction.

Is the end of the world imminent? What can she, a modern woman and her warrior lover, possibly have to offer when a long-prophesied druidic mythic battle explodes around them?

Bonus: Includes brand new flash fiction piece, “About A Warrior”

(Just FYI, the ebook and paperback of this one are on sale right now for your Christmas gift-giving pleasure!)

2) If your cast is fewer than 15 characters, you can’t use the same name more than twice. If your cast is larger than 15 characters, you can’t use the same name more than once.

1. Which character is SO into the holidays, they nearly cause a street-wide power outage from all their Christmas lights?
Stacy’s mother.

2. Which character attends the office new years party with ONE date…and goes home with someone else?

Maybe Erika, (Stacy’s right hand woman)

3. Which character is more than happy to steal Hanukkah gelt from poor, unsuspecting children? [Note: Hanukkah gelt = chocolate coins]

Balor (boohiss!)

4. Fill in the blanks: I saw ____[character]____ doing a whole lot more than ____[verb]____-ing Santa Claus. They were full on ____[action]____.

I saw Erika doing a whole lot more than eating cookies with Santa…They were full on…wrapping presents!

5. One of your characters decides to pregame before church and passes out in the middle of the Christmas service. Which character is it?

None of my characters really like drinking, these days. They had their fill of mead throughout the ages and prefer tea more than anything now.

6. Which character hasn’t been seen since winter began because they refuse to deal with the snow?

They’re all pretty much Floridians now.:) And thankfully, this year, no snow!

7. Which character completely forgot about the holidays and ends up regifting to everyone?

Isaac. He’s been way too busy at the hospital, lately.

8. Which character has such crappy luck, they only discover their potato allergy after pigging out on latkes?


9. The Krampus has arrived to punish your very bad characters. Which character is kinda into it?
Balor. Knowing him, he’d filet Krampus and eat him for dinner!

10. One of your characters should be on the naughty list, but has convinced Santa to clear their name. Which character is it, and what was their means of persuasion?

Cyreth. Probably offered to introduce him to a cute druid, knowing her.

And that’s my list…Writers friends, feel free to vik this for your own blogging Christmas fun!

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