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Well, I thought it high time to add another blog for y’all. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much. Nanowrimo has had me  writing, editing and with the PlentifulEarth prompts, I dropped the ball on these other prompts. Oh well. There’s still time to get back to them. So.
The next question (I think) after where I left off was: What makes me laugh out loud?
Oh, gosh. I’ve never really thought about that. We have what some people might think of as  a weird sense of humor, in my family, so some things might make me laugh that wouldn’t others.

Just take a look at my favorite movies and you can see that. I’ve always like some comedic movies (Abbott and Costello were a favorite growing up),


and I’ve enjoyed various other movies–LA Story, Groundhog Day, Blues Brothers, Princess Bride and a host of other movies whose lines I can quote that make us smile). I love some authors that mix humor into their books (Meg Cabot, Suzanne G. Rogers Grant Naylor’s Red Dwarf [which made me laugh out loud just reading through the first chapter again now. :)]) and more.

I also love Bloom County (I miss it!) and Mark Tatulli’s Lio, from the comics page? (There’s that quirky thing again).
Conversations can make me laugh, depending on what we bring up.
Big Bang Theory. I’m not a huge fan of Sitcoms, but this one is relateable. (Fandom, and Star wars and Star trek jokes? Love ’em).
bigbangstartrekdesertdanceSheldon not crazy gif
Sheldon gif

🙂 And just random things…. What makes you laugh?


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