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I thought I’d toss a few of these prompts together as…I’m so behind!! (again,typical, right?) Let’s get started, then. Question #1:

If I could eat one last meal:
Boy what a morbid prompt! Well, herm. It would have to be  anything pasta. I keep spaghetti on hand for lunches, but if it were the absolute last (did I mention this is a morbid prompt?) it would have to be  mom’s lasagna. I lovelovelove that dish the best.

Unfortunately, I don’t quite know the recipe, (noodles, sauce, ricotta cheese….and…bake). That’s about the extent of my knowledge)

Also, I’m quite fond of black beans and rice. 🙂


Favorite books to read:

I think I covered this one…? Didn’t I? Oh, well. My favorite books? Well I read widely. I read classics, I read fantasy/SF, Romance, mystery, non-fiction, indie and traditional. Ironically? I don’t like to re-read. Mainly because I have so many books I’d like to get to. My favorite book, then … Herm… Almost anything by Michael Moorcock or Virginia Woolf, or Suzanne G. Rogers, or …or…or….


The most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

Oh, that’s a tough one. I’ve been to the Painted Desert, alas, it was a long time ago so I don’t have pictures to share of that trip. Also, more recently, the North Carolina mountains.

Lovely, quiet. *sigh* But because I usually live down at sea level, the elevation really screws with my head. That’s the only drawback.

My favorite holiday… Halloween. 🙂

I love the dressing up, or I used to, when I was younger. I haven’t had an opportunity to do it much the last few years. I also like that it looks forward to cooler temperatures. And of course, Christmas. 🙂

image copyright: PIXABAY/geralt

Because, heh. Christmas, lights, food, family, prezzies. Sugary sweet sappy Christmas stories, though aren’t the top of my favorites list.  I can bring myself to write one (or two). But that’s my guilty secret, I don’t clamor for them, don’t even usually watch them on TV.(I do like the Star Trek episode where Picard dreamed of that false memory Christmas he had…I forget the name of the episode.) And I know Patrick Stewart has played Scrooge, but still, I’d rather watch anything else with him in it.

Nope. I’ve never read “A Christmas Carol”. Why? Not interested. In fact,even though I have an English degree, not one of my professors required we read it, or if I remember correctly, even made it extra credit. Why? *shrugs* Maybe because they kept away from the cliché “What this author is known for” titles (yes, it’s true. I had to read Grapes of Wrath, A Room of One’s Own, Wuthering Heights, and Tess of the D’Urbervilles by my own choosing). Judging by my professors’ aversions to clichés, I’d say CC is the ultimate cliche. Yet, poor ole Dickens is saddled with the title “the guy that wrote Christmas Carol”. Personally, I’d rather read Hard Times or Bleak House, thanks all the same. How CC stuck and people give you a blank look if you name these other two novels by him, I have no idea.

(No, I’m not really a Scrooge, but I’ve lost family and friends at this time of year, so because of that, yeah, its name the “Dark Half of the Year” is kinda hard to leave behind. Add in the fact that it’s been 80 degrees this week and that reminds me how screwed our environment is (and that my husband always complains about Christmas–he’s not a fan) and you can see how it’s easy to be skeptical and get sick of all the “let’s pretend everything’s happy and bright” for a whole freakin’ month gets old quick.

Moving on to happier thoughts….

Next: What’s your favorite format: paperback, ebook, or audio?

Um, all of the above?
Paperback if I’m going out somewhere because I can shove a book into my purse, ebook when I’m home because, well, most of the books I read are in ebook these days. Audiobooks–when I can get them, are great for listening to while exercising.

And as an author, I like to have my books in as many formats as possible, for the customer, just for that very reason. And you wouldn’t believe how many times people have asked me “is your book in paperback?” For most of them, I can say “why yes! Yes it is.” *smiles*

Next: A day in my life?

Well? Hello…I’m Juli. An author, writer, published author–did I mention writer? That means, I sit in front of my computer all day, typing stories, doing blog posts, twitter, facebook etc. Typing until dinnertime. After which, I usually sit on my couch reading (or mucking around on my phone) until bedtime and get up the next day to do it all again. *g*

And….since I’ve bored you enough (and I have to think about the other prompts), I’m going to close this post off. Thanks for reading!

What are your favorite meals, books, places to visit, book format, etc?


A writer’s life….or trying to catch up on blog posts before the year ends.  http://bit.ly/2D264jo #writerslife #bloggersblast @julidrevezzo  Tweet This



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