Would you rather be transported 500 years in the past, or 500 years into the future? #authorblog

Saw this set of prompts on Pinterest and this question caught my eye.

Would you rather be transported 500 years in the past, or 500 years into the future?
Oh boy! Well, if you’ve poked around any of my books at all, you know I have a thing for history. The 16th century was…well, I think it was awesome. Particularly in Italy, all the art floating around then. Wow. I would so love to have a time machine to be able to see it. There’s also the fact that the 1500s were the time of Shakespeare. I think it would be neat to see his plays right then as they came out, don’t you? (Maybe sneak back stage, talk him into changing an ending or two. ;))
On the other hand…. There’s the downside of the era. It was, to put it nicely, filthy. They didn’t quite yet know about the benefits of hygiene, it was very easy to get sick, and even die, the common man didn’t have even the basic medical care we take for granted right now. And think about trying to go to the outhouse while it’s 30 below zero. No thanks! Plus, you know what? They didn’t have affordable paperback books then, either. Or e-readers. Yuck. (although listening to a professional storyteller might be fun. ;))
So, while, yes, I think I wouldn’t mind visiting the 1517, I’m not sure I’d like to stay there very long. I’ll stick to the once yearly Renaissance fairs, thanks! 🙂 How about you? Where (or should I say when?) would you like to visit?


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