Thrifty Shopping ideas for Samhain

I wanted to do a little something for Halloween, this year, but alas, I’m late. I haven’t had time to decorate the castle, or get my fangs cleaned…. Certainly no time to cull everything for the spells me and the girls had planned to drop in the cauldron (joke). 

What I did find was a friend suggested some nifty ideas for decorating for the holiday. From there, I found a few other things. Alas, has anyone else noticed that the retail chains seem to have dropped the witch theme? *sigh* How is a witch to dress properly? I ask you.

I hope this mask will do.

From  Lady Spiderwitch:
Thrifty Shopping ideas for Samhain
Good article,  Lady Spiderwitch!

Also, you might want to check out John the Pagan’s video: How to Save money on Witchcraft Supplies–which (see what I did there? :)) can also apply to Samhain.

If you’re into DYI, this site suggests painting up boxes in Halloween colors. 🙂 That’s kind of a neat idea.

And Witchy finds at Walmart. (by the way, Samhain’s usually a great time for finding witchy stuff there. But like I said, for some reason, the t-shirts are lacking this year. Feh. )

And some Tarot spreads I found that might be interesting to try, if you read tarot.

Of course, there are a ton of books on sale for the holiday.  Well, one of mine is: Passion’s Sacred Dance is on sale for the holiday. And Suzanne G. Rogers has two. Tournament of Chance (fantasy) and her historical romance Grace Unmasked.

And a few of my friends have put theirs on sale too. You can find them all here.
And here are a few more I’ve found.
Paranormal romance
historical romance
Cozy Mysteries

Blessed Samhain (a little early).

Oh and if you want a little more fun, I’m taking part in a Halloween themed Facebook event this week, October 30 at 6:00-10:00PM.  I’ll be on at 6:00OM (That’s EST). You can find the event here.
Excuse me while I got pull out the skeletons from their closet, dust off the tarot cards and Cauldron, and dip the candies in…er, some witch’s brew. 😉 Happy Halloween!



Images in composite header via Pixabay. Pumpkins by Larisa-K/Pixabay; Haloween Poser woman: DeeDee51 /Pixabay; masked woman: Andreie Kiselev,


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