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I have not have time to blog. Yes, I’ve been reading…a lot this week. I’ve finished not one, but  three books I had on my TBR list.And… those three? The Tower’s Alchemist by Alesha Escobar, an Ovid (which I’ve had on my shelf for years [ I want to say seven or eight] meaning to read), and Shadows of the Heart by Patty G. Henderson, which I got from the author. I enjoyed all, especially Ms. Escobar’s. (WW2, wizards fighting against the Nazis and Fascism, what’s not to love?) I don’t have a review written up for it yet (by “finished” I mean I just finished it, here, at midnight). I will try to get a little something written up for my blog though, asap.

(Oh! And I learned something, I don’t like the “review” feature on the audible app. Why? Well, I tried to leave a review for an audiobook I consumed…you know how wordy I can be? The damned thing gave me a word limit that amounted to a short sentence, and while that may be okay?

(Yes, a short sentence is just fine, note to future reviewers, however…)

I really wanted to say more. Yet, when I signed into the audible site to edit the review? Guess what I couldn’t do? Yeah, make changes to the review posted via the app and expand on it. 🙁  Guess what I won’t be doing from now on? That’s right. Posting a rating or review from the Audible app. Whatever. Aha, methinks me sees a reason for the drop in reviews, fellows authors!

(Business side rant, sorry folks)

Back on topic: I must say the Ovid was a bit repetitive–and though I enjoyed the read, (this was the Erotic Poems, by the way) he makes it sound like couples in 1st century Rome weren’t faithful to each other at all…I figure that was just the women he knew. Oh, well. But, his writing’s lasted 2000 … so, Props to him. May we all be so lucky! (best seller lists? *snaps* What about still being read in 2000 years? Now that’s a goal, dontcha think? :))

*thinks* What else? 

What else was I doing that took up so much of my time? When I wasn’t doing that I was critiquing a manuscript chapter for a fellow author.  Outside that, I worked a little on a mss that’s been percolating for a year, and …also, I have been busy working on the final proof  (yes, final. I swear) of the next Celtic Stewards Chronicles book. 🙂 Yeah, technically that means I read four books+ this week. Or rather finished reading four books, +. My eyes are a little bleary, why do you ask?. I have a little bit more to go but I think I am on track for my original release plan for DWP, might even make it early. I dunno.  Stay tuned.

And finally. Nanowrimo. (Blergh) As we speak, I’ve a couple ideas of stuff I want to get done before the end of the year. Technically, I’m pretty much over the rush-rush-rush write x-amount of words in one month frenzy. I’ve proven to myself many times over I can do it (case in point that critique swap, was on a book I wrote 45,000 words…in 15 days…last year. Yeah. not 30 days. 15. As for my manuscript from last year. I hit the 50k goal with it last November 29th, “Won” Nanowrimo…and had 20k more to write in it before it was finished. As it stands now, I tore down the original ending, just early last week, just before the proof of the next Celtic Stewards Chronicles book arrived, and rewrote it, to which I still have to sign off (because, you know, CSC manuscript was more important). So, wrote that book in a month plus almost 1 year. :p (and yet, the 15 day book, I wrote beginning to end, in 15 days. Go figure.)
And while I’m a little short of my release goal for the year, I’m not for my word count, not adding in the “couple of ideas” that are sitting in my head saying “you want to work on me”. So with all that, I’m not sure if I’m going to make an official Nanowrimo log this year. I may just to keep track of the pace of those couple ideas. I’ve said before I wouldn’t and I’ve signed on anyway. The hardest part for me, always, is picking the one to log. Because, like my reading, I always seem to have more than one going at once. (And before you ask, yes, the next Antique Magic is coming. It’s been like *cough* the Nanowrimo book from last year, this year. It took me from June to now to get unstuck on that one and I have to go put all that into the typed manuscript). So, yeah…Nanowrimo log this year? Not sure. It might be good for someone who’s never written but for me, with three ideas going at once (currently), it’s like throwing the breaks on and doing a u-turn. But, we’ll see.

And one more thing before I let you go…I’ve an interview up over at Lisette Brody’s blog. If you’d like, you can see it here.

Anybody up for a coffee break? 🙂

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