So…that hurricane

Hiho, everyone! I hope you’re well.

I haven’t had a chance to post or do much of anything online since Friday.For those of you wondering, yes, we are alive and well, even though freakin’ Irma decided to go right over my house! Yes, we evacuated, yes, we are safe. We went to a family member’s house, and she had power the entire time, until about 1:30 AM Monday night. We had some storm damage that made my hubby nervous so we came home. Since then, we’ve been on cleanup duty (if you’ve seen my Instagram, you’ve seen a little of it). The storm was by no means as powerful by the time it got to us as it was over the Keys (I feel terrible for them–and Naples and Miami!) so we did not get that much of it here. Thank gods, because when we left, the news was making it sound like we would come back to just the foundation left! (picture Homestead, circa Hurricane Andrew, that’s what we were picturing)

Thank the gods, no.

However, that damage I spoke of, if we had not boarded up, we very well may not’ve had a house to come back to (we think). Word to the wise, if they tell you to board up, do it. Yeah, it’s a freakin’ inconvenience and pain in the backside, and yeah you may just have to come back and take them down again, but you know what?  I’m really glad we did! 

Anyway, I’m all back to normal now, and should be back to my regularly scheduled madness. Remember what I said in my last post about Druid Warrior Prince being up by the end of the month? Given this five day break…I think I’ll be lucky to get it (the next Celtic Stewards Chronicles book) out by the end of the month. Probably more like early October at this point. Oh well. Please bear with me. And to everyone affected by Irma, all of you without power, and suffering in the crazy heat, all of you who may’ve lost your homes to this monster, my heart goes out to you. Please try to stay safe with whatever you’re dealing with now.


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