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#30daysMagicalRootsChallenge by @Plentiful_ Earth

Writing and editing has distracted me from finishing this, but we’re almost done! And, look! Day 29 (and 28). (Okay, so it was supposed to posted on August 28th and 29th, but still. :))

Day 29 asked about podcasts. (These would go alongside the Youtube channels, I think)  Well? My favorite podcast used to be Other Worlds of Romance, (yeah, I know. It’s a writers show more than a pagan show. Sadly, it’s ended. But I have a few more podcasts I listen to that would fit better in the pagan realm.)

First and foremost, the Biddy Tarot Podcast has helped a lot in my understanding of …well, tarot.

Others I’ve enjoyed are (obviously) the Pagan Musings Podcast (and yes, they did have me on as a guest a while back). There’s also the Myth and Legends Podcast,  Celtic Myth Podshow and Druidcast. You might have to open Itunes to see these because their website won’t let me, anymore.

But anyway, there are the few I enjoy.

Astrology. Well…honestly? I’ve not yet gotten the hang of this subject. I mean, I’ve known my sun sign for years, but the rest of it never really interested me and I can’t figure out how an overall sign (er, set of signs?) like you get from your chart, gets extrapolated down to day to day predictive newspaper columns. *scratches head* I must be missing a book, somewhere. So I know I’m a …Cancer Moon? I think? Yeah. Cancer Moon. But…so what? It sortakinda maybe/maybenot points out some things about my overall personality, (I mean, I am a total water baby :)) but do the stars and planets have any baring on my day-to-day life? That’s where my skeptic side comes in.

But, I’ve investigated it. (Case in point, I read an online horoscope supposedly relating to my sign  just this morning–a morning that started out shitty–that had no mention of that, at all. In fact, the horoscope was the exact opposite of the way it happened). I even have one of those astrological charts (you know where you put all your pertinent information into a who-knows-if-it’s-safe–I can’t believe they don’t ask for your freakin’ SS# and street address!–websites. I hate that!!) and it spit out a chart that…I can’t make heads or tails of, which doesn’t seem to show my moon sign, unless it’s in one of these geometric little glyphs that I don’t understand. And I know someone who has studied this subject for years and has explained to me what my rising sign was …but I can never remember what she said.  I have to keep asking. *shakes head*

And this month the full new moon was in Virgo so you should “look to where your moon’s supposed to be in Virgo” and…er. Well…Mine is where it’s always been? In Cancer. So…yeah. I have no idea what people mean when they say things like that. Trigonometry (because I understand Trig about as much as I do astrology, so Trigonometry=astrology?)  isn’t my forte.😒  I’m also not supposed to be compatible with my husband at all and well…. We’ve got 30 years of mind-melding bliss, baby. There’s us, then there’s the rest of the world. 🙂 (And he doesn’t believe in any witchy stuff, not even the stuff I do!) Fwiw, we share another sign…I think.

So…Confused much. Yes.

If it works for you, great. I wish I understood it,then at least that’d be one more witchy thing to add to my list but…I’m afraid Astrology and me aren’t meant to be. Tarot’s easier to understand.The only reason I ever looked up my other signs was for for fun, for checking out Arwen’s tarot videos.I might work on that in the next month…(to answer the final day’s question: What practice are you going to continue past this month? ) Or…herm…Maybe the energy work and plant magic. Definitely reading and staying curious!

And just as a final digression, LADY OF THE TAROT is officially one year old, and I now have the galley copy of Druid Warrior Prince (the next Celtic Stewards Chronicles book *points to signature*) in hand. Combing of said-galley will commence, this weekend. 🙂 I hope y’all have a good one. I shall be…reading.

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