Healing and Self Care–#30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge @Plentiful_Earth

Though the month ended, I wanted to finish these up. However, a funeral, then a hurricane got in the way, so here we are, halfway into the next month (are we already??)  and I’ve got a few more to go. 
Day 27’s topic was:

Focus on some self-care today. What are you doing in your life to bring health and vitality to your physical and emotional body? Do you practice magical healing, or energy healing like reiki? If so, practice some healing magic today! If not, take some time today to learn a little bit about different kinds magical healing.

Well, at the time of the 27th day of August, I was doing (or trying to do) yoga every day. That didn’t go over with my body well. Though exercise is good for you, too much is not good. So I had to go back to only 2 or 3 days a week.

And then…. OMG, all the things happened. Not only that damned storm and the stress of that and all that came afterwards, but…yes, a friend passed. Ugh! (and thinking that there might be another cat 3 or 4 around the corner. Oh crap!! Make it stop!)

So there’s been a barrage of stress battering us around, here.

Magical healing? Does vegging and trying to breathe count? Because I myself don’t practice reiki, but I have a friend who does and she’s sent some my way a time or two. Also, years ago, I got into a car wreck and damaged my back, and a friend of mine charged a little icon with healing energy and brought it over to …essentially apply it reiki style to me. I wish I had a picture of the little thing to show you but alas, I do not. (I don’t even know if she still has it, that’s how long ago this was!). I have no clue how to do it, though, beyond what I’ve read. And this even says you can’t learn it on your own, so there we go. (Yoohoo, reiki practitioner friend o’ mine! 😉

Oh, well… I will admit to having invoked some healing gods and goddesses in the past(Apollo, Asclepius, and such) and a time or two for other people who were in dire situations (read: hospitals involved) that, as I’ve mentioned before, didn’t work  … I know we can’t cure everything (can we not? Or are the cures for everything under the sun locked away by the powers that be because there’s more $$ to be made in treatment?) but hell, it would be nice.

Did/does asking the gods to send healing magic my way work? Or (and this is a category where my skeptical side pipes up) was it just time and being attentive to my body and doing what my doctors said that did/does the trick?

Who knows? I won’t be doing gymnastics ever, but I am doing better today than I was all those years ago, so … yes? As for the energy, a intent-filled wiping down may work (or not. I don’t know if I’m still vibrating though, so that’s a good thing, right?) I’ve never actually done reiki on myself though, as far some sort of energy healing goes, but yeah, I have had it done for me. Usually, I just pop whatever the doctor tells me and rest.

What about you? Do you practice energy healing at all?

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