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If you’re following along, I’ve been doing the #30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge. Today is day er… prompt 7. And the prompt subject was Yoga.

Well, truth to tell, since I also wanted to get off my rear a little more, I also decided to try a 30 days of yoga challenge, so these jell.  This day’s 30dMR prompt says “Choose one yoga pose to do every day this month.” One only?

I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but I’ve done yoga for years.  I started the practice because I had a back injury, actually, and the doctor said “yeah, that’ll be good for it”. (That sort of is how my harshad warriors’ workouts came into being. )Though his goal wasn’t so much keeping my back flexible as keeping it in working order….

Obviously, since I’ve been doing it so long I agree with the doctor’s assessment of the practice. 🙂 1) It’s good to be mindful of movements (take it from me who literally has a hard time not tripping over my own two feet, sometimes). 2) It’s just plain good for your body to get off your butt once in a damned while.

And still, yoga has been for me an off and on practice all this time. See above where I said I want to get off my rear? Yeah, I’ve fallen off the wagon a time or two over the years. Still, when I’m doing it, I’ve been doing it so long, I’m used to the flow of a routine. Once I get doing one pose, I usually go right into the next and the next. Oh, I don’t always get them in order, that’s the purpose of my yoga playlist on Youtube, to remind myself where to go to advance up the mountain, so to speak. That’s how I finally found, and have  been following along with, Adrienne’s 30 day challenge. Following it daily. Or trying to.

Is it rough going every day? Sometimes. That’s why I let it go sometimes. Well, partly. There was this one time when I was on a two week stretch of practicing, every day, every day. And I stepped wrong, got my foot tangled in my yoga pants, and went bashing into the wall! Shoulder, knee? Meet Mr. Wall. OUCH!

😵Grace R Us, ladies and gentlemen! *bows* Thank you, thank you. No, my yoga teachers are not Abbott and Costello–though sometimes, like that day, I wonder!

Needless to say, that experience taught me to keep mindful of the length of my cuffs and where the wall was. It also reminded me that the jokester gods never sleep! And that coffee first…might not be a bad thing.

(That’s an absolutely true story, by the way.)

I wasn’t even a novice at the practice at the time. No, this was several years in.

But for this and the challenge I thought “Okay, let’s see what her routines seem like” just to keep things fresh.

I’ve found one problem with it, though. Adrienne seems to rely heavily on Downward Dog, which unfortunately, is putting pressure and weight on my already stressed hands and shoulder.  That’s the part that usually reminds me, “nopenopebackoffyou’redoingtoomuch”.

Not pulled muscles, not stressed back (although there have been times!), not hurt shoulders and knees from bashing into walls. No, it’s the stressed hands that can cause me trouble. You know, those things with which I write stories for y’all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that DD makes me work and gets the heart rate up a bit– but…it can be rough on carpal tunnel hands– and guess what’s flared up this week?

Yep. Mainly because I’ve been pushing myself this month (so far) and have not listened mindfully to my body rather than to my inner stubborn perfectionist–*cough* she says as she faces hour five of working on this blog post!

So for this day’s prompt, I chose instead to back off Downward Dog, and try Dolphin Pose instead. Meh. It was a little better, but not much.

Or maybe trying it with a chair instead, or switch to Prasarita Padottanasnana pose (wide legged forward bend, arms behind back etc)–which feels awesome, by the way!–might be poses to focus on instead.  But Downward dog? Don’t think I’ll be doing that one again for a while.

Yes, Miss New Visiting Goddess, I hear you: “Remember your #selfcare”!

Enough whining…. but such is a writer’s life.  *g* So what yoga pose/workout are you focusing on this month?


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