Writing warriors–5: A lost battle… #8Sunday #historical #fantasy #SundaySnippet

I meant to get this posted for this past Sunday. Anyway, here’s another snippet from Frigga’s Lost Army, my new historical fantasy novel (set in World War 2 Italy).

As the soldier spoke his report in Italian, Benjamin understood wounded, and forty-five. The rest was all guesswork. Have to brush up on the language, I guess, he thought as he scanned the enemy.

Sergeant Myers shook his head. “Slow down, man.” He surveyed their troop. “Any of you lunkheads speak Italian?”

“I do, sir, a little.”

“Front and center, Private Sandoval. Let’s get this over with.”

Benjamin blinked as Tommy jogged past him. The Sergeant turned him over to the Italians, and soon Tommy was translating, as best as possible, a flurry of orders….

And thus ends our 8…ish sentences. What happens next? You’ll have to read to find out!

Here’s the synopsis:

In the winter of 1943, Benjamin is just a grunt and Army cook—until he finds himself captured, along with his unit, taken prisoner by Mussolini’s troops after the Battle of Tunisia.
Transported to a POW camp in Italy, Benjamin is plagued with intense visions of the Norse Goddess Frigga and her retinue of Valkyries, berserkers, and other magical beings.
When he encounters a woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to the goddess, he wonders if he hasn’t been entangled in a battle between the natural and the supernatural—a battle for the present and the future.

And yes, it’s available at Amazon for your purchasing and/or Kindle Unlimited borrowing pleasure. It’s also in paperback.

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