Solar eclipse, some ideas, and just a reminder …..#solareclipse

Ready for some solar eclipse vibes and magic! 🙂 unfortunately, we’ve got a wait for it in my area, but…still nifty to watch on tv as it goes.  #solareclipse
Solar eclipse magic? Charge everything seems a good idea. 🙂 I’ve got my tarot and crystal stuff ready to go. 
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This would also be a time to let go of bad vibes, (or so I’ve read). There are more ideas here and here.

Or you can just skip out, watch it on tv, and…reads some good books. Frigga’s Lost Army is on sale, dontcha know (for $.99). *hinthint*. 
And, oh, yeah… Tonight, I am going to be taking part in the Landslide release and solar eclipse Facebook takeover celebrating author Philip Kessler’s new release. It’s going on all day but my time is 7-7:30 PM CST. (I believe that’s 8PM on EST. I hope I have that right. Eep!)
And remember…..


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