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shield by Frozenstocks, part of the Shields post on author Juli D. Revezzo's blog

I’ve been running late on the next entry in #30DaysMagicalRoots post for today.  The topic for day 6 is shielding. (I’m only 2 days behind now, woohoo!!)

Plentiful_earth says: Practice working with your shields today. Every witch and magical practitioner needs to have strong boundaries and defenses. Make sure yours are strong and ready for whatever life throws your way. If you don’t know how to create personal shields, do some research on the topic today. 

Let’s see…This is something that, as a homebody, I only tend to do when I go out. (Or sometimes when I get on social media, but that’s another story!) So what to do about shielding? If you’re new to Wicca and pagan theory, it’s basically mentally preparing yourself, and in some ways, telling bullshitters of the universe that “Nope! Not gonna stand for it today.”
Close eyes, deep breathe in, deep breath out, (and you can see how this combines grounding and centering, yes?) and imagine yourself/myself donning a…magical, wrap, cloak, or armor, if you like, (I like!). Or you can think of yourself as a rock that the river water just flows right over and around without disturbing said-rock. *nodsnods* Deep breath out to let it surround you with calmness.
Some people call it girding your loins, but it’s basically the same thing.
If all else fails, and you’re still bombarded with negativity, mentally re-close the gap, and if you can, walk away. Really, that’s all there is to it, for me.
(Time for a bit of realism in the magic) Does it work? Er, well? Most of the time… Some of the time? Okay, not always but when it does, it’s a great technique.
I try to work a little of this type of thing into all my books. Caitlin and her witch pals in Antique Magic use it, of course, as do my Celtic Stewards (or their warriors, more correctly), in some form or fashion, although let’s admit it, wouldn’t we like to have their more tangible shields sometimes? (yes, I know I would!). You’ll even find it in Frigga’s Lost Army employs some, if Ben tends to do it unconsciously.

So, how do you do your magical shielding?

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shield by Frozenstocks, part of the Shields post on author Juli D. Revezzo's blog

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Dragon shield image by  Frozenstocks.

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