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meditation and more, author Juli D. Revezzo. Pic by Brian Jeffery Beggerly

#30daysmagicalroots fun continues. The prompt for day 8 Meditation.

I try to meditate before ritual, have tried for years. Not very successfully, I must say. I envy those who can just plop down and calm their minds within five seconds. The only time that seems to happen for me is when I am headed off to bed, and then it’s off to dreamland.

My go to had always been the tree meditation…or back in the beginning it was. I had an audiobook (tape) of Starhawk’s Spiral Dance (which, now I can’t put my hands on, but I know it’s here in my collection somewhere! Amazon doesn’t have the audiobook even listed so never mind) that had the meditation in it, and I used that for quite a while. Something like this, I think.

These days, or since I’ve started plucking at reading tarot (still learning!) I use that as my meditation. If it’s nice, I’ll go sit in nature, center myself as I would do at the end of my Yoga practice, for just a few moments, then start shuffling and pull a few cards.

If I were to write one? Well…herm, that would take some thinkin’ to come up with something good that I’d be comfortable sharing. I’ve never actually scripted one for use outside a book before. Not sure if I won’t feel silly sharing it.

Oh and let’s just go do a few more since I’m so far behind.

Day 9: Daily Practices Sometimes (which doesn’t make it daily, does it?) I will check in with my tarot cards, just, (as some of the tutors suggests) to get a general feel for the day. The years before I started working with tarot cards, I’d go through the house, and try banishing the bad energy of the day before–usually, I’ll do this right before going to bed. So technically, that’s a nightly practice. In the mornings, I’ll share my coffee with my patron gods.

And that pretty much sums up my daily practices.

Day 10: Plant allies. Er…. I would like to say something very druidic like, “it’s the oak tree”! And if I recall right, we had a huge oak tree (?) in the backyard of the house I grew up in. I seem to recall playing around yard it, as a little girl. I even remember, that one time when I fell into the canal, looking up at it through the water (yes, I did. What do you mean you can’t breathe through water? I’m a fish, remember!) Anyway, I remember thinking the tree looked cool through the ripples. I don’t rightly recall if it was an oak, mind you. I also had orange and (specifically) tangerine trees around me as a kid, and many other plants. These days, now that I’m all grown up and a homeowner, I have a garden,but …I’ve never thought of it that way. Allies? Maybe so… If I had to choose one specific plant from my yard, though, I guess I’d say it would be my… I think it’s a Persian shield. Because they’re all over the bloody place. Problem?

As far as I can find, there’s no magickal correspondences for the plant at all (Strange, given its name, but damned if I can find one.) Scott Cunningham doesn’t even mention it in his  Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs! But I figure that’s because he was centered in California and that coast and who knows? Maybe he’d never seen Persian Shield. Mine don’t quite look like all the shiny dark verigated purple, mind you. We let it grow on its own so its mostly brownish purple, and in a pot out back, right now, grew to half my size, and prompt fell over–from the heat. This seems to happen to it every year, poor thing. I need to probably cut it back. But that’s just one pot, mind you. (well, four if you count that some have popped up in other pots around the porch). We have some outside the porch, under a drain, and its exploded. There’s some there, some little babies all over the yard, now. I pick ’em out from time to time, but the birds or the wind or something just keep repopulating them. But it’s purple so I’m happy with it. But magickal correspondence? *shrugs* Damned if I know.

If I had to take a stab at it, (since no one else in the entire web or herbal section of the pagan shelves seem to have done so), I’d have to say multiplication would be a good guess. (because they can go everywhere!!) And I’ve often wondered why no one’s ever thought to publish that it might have shielding properties. (Hello…it is called Persian Shield, after all) But again, maybe that’s because all the writers of the herbals weren’t living in…well, here in the south. We have a lot of strange plants and bugs here that get overlooked in the official Llewellyn guides. (we have to buy things like lavender and lilac, narcissus, hyacinth…I’ve heard all those are hard to cultivate here. Cuban oregano does good (again, is that in Cunningham’s? Nope) and I’ve heard “Oh you can grow lavender, even in full sun.”) No.I guess those folks have magic green thumbs, because mine just keeled over and died. I’ve had tall rosemary for years before it finally died (due to a bad winter). My poor fennel didn’t make it through one season.We have something that reminds me of mistletoe (the tree gives off red berries) but I’m not sure that’s what it is–and we have quite a few other things, but the most prevalent is that blasted Persian shield. 🙂

Boy, I wrote more in that point that I meant to! Moving on…

I might try to write a guided mediation one day, though, as this now has me thinking about it!

And breathe….:)

meditation and more, author Juli D. Revezzo. Pic by Brian Jeffery Beggerly

*** Buddhist  pic above by Brian Jeffery Beggerly, 2004. Found via his Flickr account.

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