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Energy work? What’s that?
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Energy work is the topic of day 5 (I know I’m two days late on this)

Okay, so I guess I wanted to talk about this a bit. Energy work…is an odd thing for me. Normally, I don’t do it–or at least, I have not done in a long time, consciously. So the truth is, I don’t think about energy work a whole lot. Didn’t until I saw Forest Witch’s post, and had to rethink the subject. Then a new blog I just found, Raw Pagan, has a whole category for the subject.

I’ve tried the “picture yourself holding a ball of light” meditations over and over again, but it was never more than tenuous. Imagine, I can focus on a story for hours, but this? Mine tends to be more lines or strings of light that go off into several different directions, like a knot of yarn–no sounds, just light. Kinda like that picture above. That or my brain’s going into squirrel brain mode right now.

Sometimes, it’s all I can do to ground the energy coming in at me. (and isn’t that a post in itself?) For me, it’s more subtle. I can feel tiny gusts of breeze most other people can’t and I can run my hand above my skin and feel that light “touch”. I can also feel bad energy in a room–corporeal energy or not. (you wonder why Caitlin or Beryl can get squicked out about rooms, sometimes? *points* It’s not all imagination, y’all)

In fact, I try to avoid “energy”, other than the usual stuff flowing into my house from the sun or the electric company. Although, maybe just consciously tuning out “bad energy” in itself can be energy work.

So, energy work? Sure, I can make my characters do and deal with it all the time, but for me,  I say, see my last entry where I mention centering/grounding.

So what’s your energy work look like?

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