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#30DaysmagicalRoots continues with the subject:
Day 20:Magical ethics.
What are magical ethics? Write down a core list of ethics for your own practice. No judgement here-this is for you and you alone!

(Then why post them publicly? Never mind…)

Also, sorry to sneak the ten-days ago post in here between 19 and 20, folks. I can’t believe I skipped those two days. Whoops! I can’t be blamed. Regular readers know I don’t usually blog this much every month! Especially not when I’m in the middle of launching a book and editing others)

Magical ethics. Well? While I don’t follow the traditional…well, anything really, I do have a couple things. There’s the usual don’t steal, cheat, etc and then there’s two big ones for me that sort of cover everything:

1) No love spells. Because well, a) manipulative, and b) I’m happily married so don’t need to anyway.

2) I try to adhere to “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. Keep quiet and don’t make waves. Or to put it another way, leave everyone alone and hope they leave you alone. That goes for, well, all stuff as well as magical workings. meaning…

3) No curses. Oh, I may not exactly follow the rule of three (thank you Charmed for making it silly) but I do believe in Karma and hope it does its job. So, I may throw the evil scowl at someone/thing if I’m particularly ticked at them/it, but I don’t generally tell people to F-off. At least not where they can hear me. 🙂 Even if they accuse me without knowing a damned thing about me. Let me tell you a story of things I’ve been through and that people assume because of their first impressions of me (for instance, people have shied away from us…my family, I mean, because *shock of shocks* we’re Italian [at least one side–we have a lot of sides]. No, I’m not kidding. It was a long time ago, thank the gods.) But so what? Still, I try to live by #s 2 and 3 above.

*braces self for the flying tomatoes and vitriol*

Herm, what else?

4) I try to work, as my friend Mia said, from a place of love–even if I’m pissed. 🙂

5) I try to work from a place of the Celtic idea of honor (Yes, I have English/Irish/French-Gaulish [we’re not sure which] blood and am married into English and German and one-generation out of London, English families. I’m also Italian–and possibly Greek!). All that to say what will hurt my honor, or dishonor someone else, I try not to do. (Try being the operative word. Am I always successful? Not when I let my mouth run off with me!)

Ingredient gathering.
I don’t use animal parts in my magic–which includes things like being aware of what bird feathers are on the protection/legal act. Which I didn’t know about until a few months ago but now I do, so… Also, don’t pick the last of … something…the last summer flower, the last, whatever. Just because it might go to seed for next year.
Generally, anything I use in my work I get from the store or an indie creator, who I pretty much figure (hope) I can trust to be ethical in their ingredient gathering.

Other than that? There’s this list from John J. Coughlin that pretty much sums it up. Quote:

  • Which of the alternatives will generate the greatest benefit – or the least amount of harm – for the greatest number of people? (Utilitarianism)
  • Does the “good” brought about by your action outweigh the potential harm that might be done to anyone? (Mills’ Harm Principle)
  • Will anyone be harmed who could be considered defenseless? (Paternalism)
  • To what degree is your choice of alternatives based on your own best interest? (Objectivism)


  • Are you choosing the alternative that demonstrates a genuine concern for others affected by your decision and/or are you responding to a perceived need? (Ethic of Care)
  • Are you willing to make your decision a rule or policy that you and others in your situation can follow in similar situations in the future? (Kant)
Yes to all that. So that would pretty much cover the topic, I think. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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